Thursday, August 31, 2006

Another cute Emmy photo.

Okay, I'm blogging about The Office while watching The Office. That's just sad.

Small Jenna blog update
Jenna just updated her blog, and at the end she had to put this: "Thanks for all of your messages and for screaming at your TV when we won! The whole night was awesome. I just saw some footage from our first episode and I think you might be screaming at your TV again very soon." What a tease!!!

Also, a new webisode up is up on Just one more to go!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I just wanted to say that every time I hear "Chocolate" by Snow Patrol, I think of JAM. All because of YouTube. I didn't even know the song was by Snow Patrol until a couple of weeks ago. Now it will forever be connected in my mind with Jim and Pam. The things that run through your mind during rerun season!

There's Nothing Hot(ttttttttt)er Than A Man In Chucks, Unless That Man Happens To Be John Krasinski, In Which Case There Truly Is Nothing Hot(tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt)er In The World

This is posted purely for my own benefit. Oh my LORD, his shoes. I...just... I... I... gheisogheeiognesimgeisogthyseigoesiognesigohwoauiowniksm,jhinb,knio

Watch John Give Jenna A Massage

These people are SO CUTE!

Go here. Click on "Emmy Winners" over on the right, under "More Videos."

From there, you'll get a bunch of videos to pick one. Choose "Office Politics Pay Off," four rows down and four from the left.

My favorite part (so far, I haven't finished watching it) is when Billy Bush, the interviewer calls John "Jim," and as John is giving Jenna the backrub, you can hear him say, "Hi, my name's John, I work here..." Also, the look on Jenna's face when John starts giving her the massage. Pretty funny stuff.

Oh, that John and Jenna's Ausiello talked to Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski on the red carpet. Though technically there is a spoiler, it is very, very small.

Question: Anything regarding Jim and Pam coming up on The Office? — Kelli
Ausiello: It's all about timing on the Emmy red carpet. Case in point: Just as I was about to thrust my tape recorder in Jenna Fischer's face, John Krasinski walked over and I got the two of them together!
Ausiello: Does Pam choose Jim?
Jenna: You'll know what happens in the first episode.
John: Babies.
Jenna: You won't have to wait any longer than the first episode.
John: When we open on the maternity ward, you'll know exactly what happens.
Ausiello: Is it good news?
John: It is good news.
Jenna: Yeah, it's good news. What follows is our hilariously scoopy, albeit brief, threesome.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I just noticed on the schedule at that John Krasinksi is supposed to be on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (All Night)" at 2:35 AM on Friday (going into Saturday) night. I never knew that Jay Leno had another show at 2:35 AM, but there ya go. I'll be sleeping.

Season Two DVD Review from
Totally awesome review of the show and the upcoming Season 2 DVD set. My favorite bits:

  • "The next biggest extra is the immense amount of deleted scenes that are included. There are over two and a half hours of deleted scenes, pulling from every episode this season...Seeing how some of the stories were wrapped up or continued past the final episodes is great, and results in the equivalent of over six new episodes of "The Office"."
  • "One extra that pretty much all fans will love is the blooper reel, which runs a fantastic 17 minutes, and features the majority of the cast breaking character or flubbing lines. This was a very entertaining featurette and shows how hard it is to be funny in a deadpan way. This kind of extra can be hit or miss, but here it hits hard."
  • "It's not the British version's fault that it can't hold a candle to the American "The Office.""

Monday, August 28, 2006

Livejournal Communities!

At the bottom of the info page for the main Office Livejournal Community, there's a list of a whole bunch of other livejournal communities that are out there!

Including one specifically for Jam.

Yay! Enjoy! I'm a member of jim_and_pam, office_romances, office_fanworks, scranton_times, and of course theoffice_us.

Okay, not to outdo Melody's fabulous post, but...This Week In The Office

As of today,'s schedule for this week shows another 3-episode mini-marathon.
(All times Eastern)
8:30PM - The Dundies
9:00PM - Take Your Daughter To Work Day
9:30PM - Conflict Resolution

If I remember correctly, these episodes were supposed to re-air a couple of weeks ago, but NBC changed it at the last minute. So, I'm taking these with a grain of salt and setting my VCR anyway. I don't think I've seen any of these episodes all the way through, so yay!

Okay, who's still excited about the Emmys?

::waves hand in the air::

How about two great pictures of John and Jenna?

Beautiful. (Link goes to a higher resolution image.)

Check out their hands. That's just adorable.

Also, here are some GREAT quotes from John about season 3. I wouldn't really call them spoiler-ish, just very sweet and wonderful and reassuring. They're from here, from a transcript of the Watch Live With Kristin Chat:

"I did get some one on one time with John Krasinski, you probably had a better time than I did watching at home! However, yes scoop... John would not give anything up about the new season! Although he was very cute about it… He was actually the first person I saw when I walked through security, which was a wonderful ‘Welcome to the Emmy’s’ because God help me if he isn’t hotter in person, you guys. Anyway, when I finally got his attention, he refused to confirm the rumor of a new lady in Jim’s life or anything about possibly moving to a new office for a little while… but he did say that even if Jim does have a new lady, it’s still all about Pam. He insisted that the writers are not shying away from the way things left off and he’s really excited about it. He told me that as far as he is concerned, Jim and Pam are soul mates."


"OK, here’s a direct quote from John K: 'We are definitely going to address that high drama ending of the show and it has to go one way or another. All I’ll say is i think they keep it very, very real. When two people are that in love and there’s a huge obstacle, it can’t be all beautiful and bells and whistles and it also can’t be 'I hate you, I’m leaving.' So there’s a really fun middle ground.'"

Who can't wait for September 21? ::throws her arm into the air again::

Air Five!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Congrats to The Office for winning the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series!

Jenna has already updated her blog to talk about the Emmys! This is like the cutest entry ever. There's awesome pics too!

Sunday, August 27, 2006


I'm so happy they won! So happy they won!

I found a clip of the opening segment where Conan drops into "The Office" here!!

(Never let it be said that I stopped trying to provide for all of you. :))

Thursday, August 24, 2006

It's time for...



I've got 10 fics this Friday, and I think I've got a pretty nice mix of them. Enjoy!

An Objection
Short, sweet, and cliched. Those are all good things.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue
Jim makes a last-ditch effort before he leaves for Australia.

February 14, 2007
I'm a sucker for adorable, and I can't help but think that this is about as cute as it gets. Not too overly sweet for my taste, but then, I am a sucker.

Unfortunate Things Could Happen
Jim lists and revises all the unfortunate things that could happen in his life. Cute concept, pretty short, nice ending. :)

Post-Casino Night. Pam is out sick, and Jim can't help but make a phone call. Or two. Or three. Or more.

Post-Email Surveillance. Ooh, do I love plot bunnies! Remember that playhouse looking thing that Dwight and Angela made out in at the end of the episode?

What Happens in Vegas...
Okay, this would never, ever, ever happen on the show. But it's cute, and sometimes I just like cute, and I decided to post it in honor of Lumos. Jim and Pam haven't talked since the night of The Kiss, and then they wind up at a conference in Las Vegas...

Crossing the Line
So, this may indeed be crossing the line. This one is definitely rated M for mature audiences only. But the thing's so well-written and so in-character!'s also kind of dirty. But in the good way. If you happen to be interested in dirty in the good way. All happiness, all around. How does it start? Pam can't find her keys.

Fact: Ninjas Are Mammals
Okay, just so I'm not misleading anyone...this isn't exactly a Jam piece! Pam and Dwight are both sad, and well...they kind of end up bonding. (But not in a dirty way.) Dwight's voice in this is marvelous. Seriously.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
There are elements of Jam in this, but this is more of an everyone-in-the-office piece. Pretty short, really nicely done.

Webisode 8 is up! I think you're mean.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This Week in "The Office"

Thursday 8/24 - The Office
All times Eastern:
8:30PM - Michael's Birthday
9:00PM - The Secret
9:30PM - Drug Testing

Always double check, though, because I've seen them change the episode schedule the day they're supposed to air. (Very frustrating for those of use who are trying to see all the episodes we've missed!)

Sunday 8/27 8:00PM Eastern - Emmy Awards
The Office is nominated in the following categories:
Outstanding Comedy Series
Outstanding Lead Actor in A Comedy Series (Steve Carell)
Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series
Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing For A Comedy Series

Monday, August 21, 2006

One more month until Season 3 premieres!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006





Saturday, August 19, 2006

I found an awesome livejournal community:

The Scranton Times

It posts fandom news--icons, fanfiction, videos, etc. It's awesome!

Friday, August 18, 2006

I actually can't believe I haven't posted this yet.

John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Absolutely adorable, of course. The end is the best part. Damn, that man can move.

Mooore fanfiction!

Okay, so Kelli asked. And I felt that it was my duty to supply. Maybe I'll do a weekly fanfiction recommendation post or something.

First, these three are by my favorite author, Unfold.

Hotel Pool
Exactly what it sounds like. Aren't business trips the best?

Little Orange Light
Jim and Pam's first date. Wow, do I love these run-on sentences. Seriously, they're perfect.

Jim and Pam start their relationship, and the definition of "normal" changes in a dramatic and oh-so-good way.

Now, on to some other authors.

Pack Up Your Bags, It's Never Too Late!
The first Jam fic I read. I have a soft spot for it. It's longish, which I always like. Slightly contrived situation, which I find hard to mind all that much, because it's so damn cute.

Five Games of Truth or Dare Jim and Pam Never Played
I posted this in the blog earlier, but whatever, it's awesome. By the same authors as "Pack Up Your Bags..." Exactly what it sounds like.

A short one-shot. Similar to "Normal" in some ways. Jim and Pam at the office, and away.

I really like longer fic, so this one naturally tickles my fancy. (I can't believe I just wrote "tickles my fancy.") It's chaptered, picks up after Casino Night, and shows Jim and Pam's subsequent year.

Mmmm...Yummy John Goodness. Squees allowed and encouraged!

Mmmmm, Friday fanfiction.

Five Games of Truth or Dare Jim and Pam Never Played

Decidedly excellent. It was posted on the JAM-boree, but I thought I'd post it here, too, with my recommendation. :)

It's a Jamboree!! LOL! Lots of great stuff. Check out the comments for some fun images!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I think I may be the only Jam fanfiction person here, but I can't help but recommend something I just read!

A Few Things He Knows About Her
is very sweet and kind of sad (in a good way). Very nice on the whole. Poor Jim.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

In response to Kimmers' question about keeping all the links organized: Do you guys know if Blogger offers a way to tag posts? Then we could tag posts with stuff like "JAM", "video", "avatar", "OMGJohnKisHawt", etc.

Hello, fellow Jammies! Let's not forget to check often for clips! Voting for the "Viewer's Choice" episode is still open! The episode will air Thursday night.

Here are some really beautiful desktop wallpapers that I hadn't seen before:

Monday, August 14, 2006

In case you haven't already seen it:

Recaps of "The Dundies & Casino Night"
(I love Television Without Pity, by the way!)

The Office - Jim tells Pam his true feelings

So you don't have to fast forward through the whole episode to get to the good parts.

X&Y - Jim and Pam

This is my favorite JAM video.

Pass That Dutch

Here's a funny video to get things started!

Hey, look at this! I'm posting on this blog, as me! I just posted a funny video through youtube to get things started!


This is a post to see if the new blog of the Elf Office Alliance is working!

ETA: I think it's working!!!