Thursday, November 30, 2006

More pics from the People (?) magazine Emmy shoot

Melody found this, but she's a captive audience right now, they are!

Happy Office day!

Here is a great article I found at USA Today that interviews the producers of the four shows in NBC's Thursday night line-up. Yay, I'm so excited that "Scrubs" is coming back!! Now if only I could convince my mom that we don't need to simultaneously Tivo AND watch "Grey's Anatomy." Yeah. Like that'll happen. Oh, VCR, it's been a while.

As found over at Office Tally, here is a cute radio interview with Jenna on a St. Louis radio station. She gets two very special callers!

As found at GMMR, here is an interview with the rocking Angela Kinsey from the Boston Herald.

Good times, my Office folk. Good times!

EIGHTH Deleted Scene from "The Merger"

More coughing conversation - and had this aired on network TV, it would have been accompanied by bleeping!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

::carefully shields her eyes::

GMMR has posted a review of "The Convict"!!

Kathie said that it's light on the spoilers, but I can't help but not read it. The spoilers, oh how they spoil. They are the fresh air and sunlight to my gallon of milk.

Happy 21st birthday, Brian Baumgartner!

Office Tally directed me to this clip of Brian Baumgartner on the Megan Mullaly show today.

His sneakers are incredibly cute.

I can never get over Brian's voice versus Kevin's voice. They are COMPLETELY different!

And can I say, Brian's southern accent = LOVE.

Find out what Michael Scott and Forrest Gump have in common

I've taken the slow train on this story (it's been on several other blogs, but I just haven't had the time to look at it 'til now) - but has a short video with Paul Leiberstein talking about Michael Scott's business philosophy. This is an accompaniment to a Business 2.0 magazine article, which can be seen at the Office_US LJ community.

Kate updates her blog

She talks about how fun it was to shoot this week's episode, and her and Brian Baumgartner's experience with fans in Vegas during Comic Relief. I like reading Kate's blogs. Thanks, Kate!

[Thanks to Dave at the Scranton Branch blog for the heads up]

Episode review for "The Convict" From the NY Post

Make Room For Daddy

Honestly, I haven't read it for fear of spoilers. Because I am just that obsessive. But, from what I can tell, it's a good review!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Two more deleted scenes from "The Merger" at

More Andy & Meredith!

"Little Miss Sunshine" nominated for Independent Spirit Awards

Steve Carrell's movie from earlier this year has received accolades from the Independent Spirit Awards. Although Steve himself wasn't nominated for anything (Boo! He was great!), the picture has been nominated for Best Feature, and the two directors are up for Best Director. Yay! If you guys haven't seen it yet, catch it when it comes out on DVD!

Kate Flannery on the PopCandy podcast

The podcast from one of my favorite blogs, PopCandy, features Kate Flannery this week! Go here.

Ah, a John Krasinski update

It's been far too long.

So, the word on the street (and by "the street," I mean this bit from the Boston Herald, which is practically on the ghetto) is that John Krasinski has been cast in a new movie!

"That “The Office” hunk - and Newton homey - John Krasinski has scored the role of Indiana college stud Carter Rutherford in “Leatherheads,” a 1920’s football comedy written, directed and starring George Clooney. The flick also co-stars Renee Zellweger. Glad to see People’s Sexiest Men giving each other a hand in Hollywood . . . "

John should totally come to Indiana to film this movie. Or better yet, Kentucky. Because I think that would be a very good idea that would make lots and lots of sense.

Monday, November 27, 2006

New article about our writer/actor friends

They gave at the office - twice.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

How Jim Halpert got his name

I know I read this article a while ago, but I couldn't remember if it was ever posted here or not. It was written back in March.

Old Friends and a Character's Namesake

I refuse to read into what it means that the real Jim Halpert's wife's name is Karen.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Because two weeks between episodes is a LONG TIME

Finally, a fics fix.

Fall Cleaning
A great ensemble piece, with a nice prominent thread of Jim and Pam. Jim's asking about polar bears, Dwight wants to clean the office, and Michael's basically embezzling.

Better Than the Bouncy Bits
Jim's roommate, Mark, and his girlfriend. This is really adorable, and a perspective on Jim and Pam that you don't really get to see a whole lot!

The Life and Times of a Temporary Employee
The sheer and utter brilliance of an Office/Arrested Development crossover fic. SHEER AND UTTER BRILLIANCE.

That Girl
Post-Diwali. Karen drives Jim home. Jim gets his text message.

You Bet Your Life
A Jim and Pam happy ending future!fic, except it's a little bit different than the standard way the story ends. This author writes one of the best Pam voices there is in fanfiction. This is absolutely lovely.

Brokeback (Dunder) Mifflin?
Michael talks Ryan into an awesome Halloween costume.

Labor Relations
One of the best Jim-and-Pam-are-having-a-baby fics you could have, because there's something in this that actually feels true to the show. This is funny! Funny! Who would have thought it possible?

Nobody's Business But The People Involved?
The Dunder-Mifflin staff weigh in on who Michael's lucky lady should be.

a reunion in four parts
Yeah. Remember in "The Merger" how it was sad? This isn't like that.

Wanton Faux Professionalism
"The paper industry is no place for a shameless femme fatale. That much should be obvious, and yet Angela can’t help suspecting that she’s the only one who sees it."

Watercolor Boats
My words don't do it justice. Just go read it.

redial: waiting
redial: okay
Jim and Pam on the phone. Pre-merger.

Thing Is (The Laws of Physics)
Jim and his thoughts.

Strawberry Chapstick
Pam is trying something new.

"Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth."

About Her
This is a Ryan and Kelly fic, inspired by his talking head from the extended cut of "Branch Closing."

Five Ways Karen Gets A Clue About Jim and Pam
TEAM PAM! Awww, but Karen, I like you, too.

Five Futures for Toby Flenderson
TEAM TOBY! Five very different possible futures for him.

No Boys Allowed
Yeah for Team PAM AND KAREN SHOULD BE FRIENDS! Awesome and brilliant. Karen always wanted to learn how to knit.

A series of drabbles by honey_wheeler
This is one awesome author, and she asked for drabble prompts in her livejournal, and responded with all of these. Which are AWESOME. And some of them are rated adult and mature, so watch out for that.

Supposed To Be
Written as an antidote for post-Merger sorrow. The way it's supposed to be, indeed.

Running To Stand Still
Another one written as a make-me-feel-better-after-the-merger fic. Mmmmm, good stuff.

Language Barrier
Rated adult, mature, all that and a candy bar. All sorts of ways to communicate, all sorts of languages to use.

"Just do it. It's a company policy." Five different couples.

Jenna updates her blog

Jenna has updated her MySpace blog
, and near the end of the post she mentions next week's episode, and that JK is adorable in it. *sigh* I hate having 2 weeks between episodes.

Friday, November 24, 2006

King Jim, meet Queen Pam

If you have a lot of time to kill this weekend and like to play computer card games, you can amuse yourself with's "Office" solitaire game. Jim is the king, Pam is the queen, and Dwight is the joker jack. Oh, and of course, Michael is the ace.

And thus kicks off the Christmas season

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving yesterday! I love Thanksgiving because I see it as the official kickoff of the Christmas season. And you guys may not know this about me...but I LOVE Christmas.

So, imagine my delight when I woke up this morning to this hilarious video on the LJ community. HILARIOUS!!! And so, so true.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Promos for "The Convict" up at Yahoo

I'm not watching them, but Yahoo has promos up for next week's episode. Click on NBC on the left side, then on the Office, naturally.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

December 14 Episode (Hour-Long Episode)- "A Benihana Christmas"

Synopsis: [In a special one-hour holiday episode directed by Harold Ramis, strife on the party planning committee results in two competing Christmas parties, while Michael is dumped for the holidays. Michael (Golden Globe Winner Steve Carell) sends out an inappropriate photoshopped Christmas card and gets his heart broken for the holidays by girlfriend Carol (guest star Nancy Walls). Andy (guest star Ed Helms) takes Michael out drinking, with Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Jim (John Krasinski), while tensions on the party planning committee between Angela (Angela Kinsey), Pam (Jenna Fischer) and Karen (guest star Rashida Jones) cause rival parties to form. B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, David Denman, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nuñez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein and Mindy Kaling also star.]

Fifth Deleted Scene from "The Merger"

Michael would not make a good psychotherapist

Kate updated her blog

Even without a new episode this week, Kate has updated her blog with a very sweet Thanksgiving message.

And I want to wish a Happy Turkey Day to all of my fellow elvsies.

Claim the desk, Pam!
Sarah's blog for "The Merger"

Rest in peace, Stamford branch. Sorry your boss was so lame!

Did you think Jim was going in for a kiss with Karen? I did!

Ooh, I can see No Nonsense Fancy Beesley ready to pick a fight with Dwight!

Fillipelli - possibly Filipino? Looks like Scranton branch needs more diversity training.

Hi, Hannah! RUN, Hannah! You're going to be sitting next to Creed!

I can see Pam and Karen getting along. If it weren't for Jim getting in the way and all that.

Gawd, Andy, can't you EVER wear a different tie? Something without neon green in it?

Is it wrong of me to want Jon Stewart to make a guest appearance on "The Office"?

"Yeah, Jim's a nice guy. That's why I got the desk." Ryan is starting to turn into the character I thought he was going to be when I first started watching the show: someone who's only in it for himself. Ryan, come back to the light! That being said, Pam could learn a lesson from Ryan here. The English major in me sees Ryan's talking head as an allegory for Jim and Pam.

Let's say:
Pam = Ryan
Jim = the desk

Pam needs to stake her claim on the desk Jim. She needs to tell Jim how she feels, otherwise the part of Ryan will be played by Karen for the rest of the show. CLAIM THE DESK, PAM!

Ahhhhhh...Dwight and Andy. Let the games begin!

Dwight is Assistant Regional Manager, Andy is Regional Director in Charge of Sales. They kind of sound like the same thing to me, too!

It's so cute how Toby can be a badass HR person to Michael when he needs to be, but in all other aspects of his life, things don't go so smoothly.

Uhh, Michael, I hate to break it to you, but you don't run the company, you run the branch.

Haha - Lazy Scranton! Apparently Kelly's pretzel line monologue really sank in! Love the continuity here.

I don't like having to record an outgoing message on my work voicemail. I always sound stupid.

Interesting moment between Jim and Michael in the break room. "Don't" - Jim doesn't have to say anything else, and Michael gets it.

Haha, Stanley doesn't want to form an alliance with anybody!

PHYLLIS! "You have a lot to learn about this town, sweetie." I bet Phyllis wears a Team Pam t-shirt when she's not at work.

Oh, the table scene with Tony is so painful to watch! But good for him for standing up and saying something to Michael about his behavior. I hope Tony hasn't put a deposit down on an apartment yet!

Wow, Dwight is so wrapped up in his rivalry with Andy that he seems not to realize that he has been demoted!

I am starting to hate the Dunder Mifflin parking lot.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Deleted Scenes for "The Merger". Oh, and some other stuff.

Even though it was a Supersized episode, has deleted scenes for "The Merger" here! Come on, NBC, just make each episode an hour long! You know you want to! Pleeeeease?

And the links for the cast interviews that Melody mentioned are here:

Ed Helms (Andy)
Rashida Jones (Karen)

And I'm back from my trip so I will be posting my blog for "The Merger" tomorrow. I'm sure you're waiting with bated breath!

Monday, November 20, 2006

New interviews up at

With Ed Helms, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, and Rashida Jones.

I loved Jenna talking about how much they had missed John when he was in Stamford, and Rashida talking about how delighted she is to be a part of the cast.

I would provide a link if I could figure out how the hell to do that. As I am unable, happy hunting!

I know about a billion Asians who would beg to differ

Rainn Wilson to write and star in a movie about a past-his-prime ninja.

This rocks my world.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Melora Hardin now on MySpace!

Welcome to the insanity, Melora!

Yay for the beloved Office Tally for giving me the head's up.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Reviews for "The Merger" and more!

TV Guide review

EW review, in which the reviewer doesn't quite seem to get Pam. Just because Pam doesn't want to admit something to the camera doesn't mean that she wouldn't admit it to Jim! There's a huge difference!

And finally, NBC has put up the FULL Lazy Scranton video!!


Video from John Krasinski at Jest Fest '06

Rated MA for content and language, and oh-so-funny. He read one of my favorite interviews from Brief Interviews. I love GMMR for providing me with this.

ETA: And, after you've watched that video, check out these shirts that Kathie over at GMMR has made. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Kelli wants to throw something at Jim. And Karen. And then hug Pam. And then make everything better and all hunky-dory like it should be. Grrrrr.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Every day I have something new to post about John Krasinski, my soul throws a party

Please help yourself to some refreshments. The beverages are cold and the chips are crunchy.

Here we have the Filter article and photo shoot with the Shins.

Musicgeek!John is so hot. Much like Literaturegeek!John. In other news, WHY THE HELL DOES HE GET THE NEW SHINS ALBUM NOW? The rest of us have to wait until January 23. This hardly seems fair.

New Schrute Space!

Working Well With Others

I can't help but wonder what goes on in Dwight's non-human head...

The cast of "The Office" on Technology

From Parade Magazine.

A series of cute questions and answers with the main five of the cast.

Because I'm not sure there's been a daily John Krasinski update, may I just say that his picture is completely adorable, and that I found this particularly endearing?

"What I couldn’t live without, which is really ridiculous, is the tape deck in my car. And that tape-recorder extension that goes into your iPod or CD player, I remember I used those in high school, and I’m still using it now. And I could not live without it. All these people have really high-tech ways of listening to their music, and I still go the old tape-extension cassette thing."

John, me too. Do you really need another sign that you and I were meant to be together?

Kate's TV Guide Blog!

It's up!


Tired of all that Team Karen business? PUH.

Go enjoy a Team JAM Pep Rally!!!

A great way to pass some Thursday time!

Lots of articles

There are apparently lots of articles being published about tonight's super-sized episode. None of them really say all that much new, but I thought I'd go ahead and link to them, anyway! No real spoilers in any of them. And they DO all have very nice things to say about "The Office," which I appreciate!

From the Philedelphia Daily News.

From the New York Daily News.

From the New York Post.

From the Chicago Sun-Times.

Yay Thursdays!! I love Thursdays!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow!

One more sound clip 'o joy before tomorrow's episode (scroll down past the query builder thingy for the sound clip)

Melody! I'm shocked that you haven't posted about this yet!

I was certain that by the time I came home tonight this little bit of goodness would be splashed all over this little blog. Rainn, John, and B.J. are GQ's "Co-Workers of the Year". Short article here and smokin' hot pictures here. My favorite little bit was (of course) a blurb about John:
On how he’s planning to deal with the footnotes in David Foster Wallace’s Brief Interviews with Hideous Men, which he’s adapting for the screen: “I’m actually going to go to every theater when they show it, and the movie will pause, and I’ll click on a little reading light and actually read the footnotes aloud to everybody. It’s really going to cut into my time on The Office, but that’s okay.”
Uh, actually, John, we need you on the show. We would be sad panda elves if you weren't around as much. (OH JIM I CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP) But I would totally listen to you read out loud. Doesn't matter what - I'm there!

Kelli Needs Help

Can one of you lovely partners in Office crime possibly find me a screencap of any time during all three seasons when they show Jan's shoes? It's an odd request, I know. It has to do with the show I'm in right now, and I want to see what hers look like for a costuming reference. I just don't have the time to dig them up.

Who says geeky can't be sexy?

Whoa, is there a media blitz or WHAT this week? Our favorite TV stars of our favorite TV show are everywhere!

Rainn Wilson is on this month's cover of GEEK Magazine, lookin' fine! Work it, Rainn! Yeah, baby!

Jenna Fischer updated her blog!


Also, can I just say that there is a picture of Jenna wearing chucks? I knew she and I were meant to be BFFs.

GMMR - Sneak Peek: The Merger know it's there. It's not behind a spoiler cut or anything! Did you read it? Do you want to read it?

Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?!?!?

Kath's sneak peek report at her advance screening of....THE MERGER! (clicky)

Yeah, spoilers abound! Thanks, GMMR!

One more day to go!

And I'm sure Dwight is ecstatic!

(no spoilers, just a revisit to one of Dwight's dark moments this season!)

Well, Duh: People Magazine Names John Krasinski One Of Its 15 Sexiest Men Alive

You don't have to tell me twice. Or even once.

Problem with the article: under "Why He's Sexy" they list ONE reason. Are you kidding me, People Magazine? I mean, I realize listing the infinite reasons why might not be practical simply from a logistical point of view (infinite reasons mean an infinite magazine, which would be very heavy, so it probably wouldn't sell very well on the newsstands), but come on. A nice "One Hundred Reasons Why John Krasinski Turns Adult Women Into Swooning Thirteen Year Old Girls" wouldn't be out of line.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Angela and Mindy are absolutely the best

You may have seen that they did a whole bunch of interviews this morning for NBC affiliates. The video for the Dallas/Ft. Worth video can be seen here!

There is something MILDLY spoilery. It has to do with where Andy is going to be sitting. Other than that, it's nothing I didn't already know.

And it's SUCH a cute interview.

Team Polygamy Just Isn't Cutting It Anymore

As the Team Pam/Team Karen debate heats up, I'm discovering that attempts at neutrality are overrated. I love both Pam AND Karen, but when it comes down to it, Jim and Pam are meant to be, and Karen and...some other very attractive man who Is Not Jim Halpert are meant to be.

As it so happens, science agrees with me:

Are you Team Pam or Team Karen?

TEAM PAMSweet, funny, geniune, and there from the beginning, Pam is the only love for Jim.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

| Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code

Your (Apparently) Daily John Krasinski Update

First of all, can I just say that one of the people I was a bridesmaid with in my friend's wedding saw John on the Columbia campus today? I assume he's there because he's going to be filming part of Brief Interviews there. Oh, the jealousy. I am ugly and green with it.

Second, the issue of Filter that he's in is coming out! It's with The Shins! You can see the cover here and a little bit about it here. John Krasinski + Awesome Music = Really Good.

Okay, let's see if this posts. Blogger has been screwy for a long time now, and even worse than that...TWOP is currently down! THE HORROR!

Monday, November 13, 2006

They're ALL the Hotttttest In The Office

According to the cover of the new GQ magazine, our Office boys are being featured among the men of the year.

They have certainly been the men of my year!

Et tu, Best Week Ever?

Okay, WHAT is with all the Pam-hate out there?

I know that Karen is Just Plain Fancy Fillipelli and Pam is working at Fancy New Beesly, but...COME ON!!

Best Week Ever is casting their vote, and they pick Just Plain Fancy Fillipelli (JPFF).

I love Karen. And we all know that Karen is smokin' hot. But I feel like the forces of the universe are becoming so pro-Karen that I need to become overly pro-Pam!

I don't want to have to be Team Pam. I'd like to be Team Office. But hey...if my girl Pam needs some defending...then I'm going to be there for her.

(Or, I'll be Team Threesome. Bringing new meaning to win-win-win.)

According to Office Tally, Jenna Fischer will be live blogging this Thursday after the episode airs.

This week...on a very special Loveline event...

Jenna Fischer and James Gunn! This Wednesday! That's 10pm-12am PST, and 10pm-12am the next day if you're on the east coast region.

It should be pretty entertaining. We all know and love Jenna, and James is absofruitly fricking hilarious.

I'm on Team Polygamy

There's been considerable discussion over at the TWOP forums about whether Pam or Karen is best for Jim. And really, it is quite the debate. Lots and lots of people are very pro-Karen, many are thoroughly anti-Pam, and then many are quite contentedly carrying on with the Yay Pam! point of view. Lots of people have tried to present lots of convincing arguments about why they're right, but in the end, I personally think that people's decision is based on their own personal priorities about what to look for in a significant other/girlfriend/lover/mate/partner/hunnybunnykins.

Anyway, I found it hilarious that someone has no actually made Team Karen and Team Pam t-shirts! Go! Declare your loyalty!

(Can't I be on Team Karen AND Team Pam? They're both awesome. Except, in my game, Pam gets Jim and Karen gets...someone else who is very hot, but not Jim.)

Hour-long episode set for December 14th

I was right in guessing (and asking for the day after off so I can rewatch the show!) that the hour-long episode we're happy to wait for is going to be on December 14th. That's according to Office Tally's calendar. The calendar doesn't give any other details.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

More on the John Krasinski front

Here's a bit about how John is turning Brief Interviews into a movie. SO interesting, because...yeah, all throughout reading that book, I just thought to myself, "How the HELL is he going to do this?!" So. Yeah. This is how he's going to do it! I'm still so interested, though...David Foster Wallace creates such a distinct tone in this book with his writing style that...well, I'm very interested to see what John does with that. I'd be incredibly interested to see how this book were going to be turned into a movie even if it weren't John Krasinski doing it. One would either have to be really smart or really stupid to do this, and I'm betting that John's over there hanging out with "really smart."

And, here's a short little EW article I hadn't seen before. Short, sweet, and not new, but new to me!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Another Promo for "The Merger" - This Time It's All Jim and Pam!


Josh Sucks
AKA Branch Closing: The Producer's Cut

Warning: SPOILERS for The Producer's Cut!

I LOVE seeing the look on Jim's face when he explains the prank on Dwight. I can't wait to see Prankster!Jim back in action full-time. Someday Jim will use his mind for good instead of evil, but I'll take this for now.

Soundtrack addition: “Angel of the Morning” by Bonnie Tyler

Jan, I'm sorry. You should know by now that thanking Michael for his years of service isn't enough to get the point across. You have to say “You're fired”, otherwise he won't get it!

And now Michael is reacting just like he did when he and Jim role played this scenario last season.

Josh: King of the Stupid Universe

“Don't hurt me like I hurt you.” Aww, that's so sad.

I want a Dunder Mifflin farm with a Stanley tree and with Phyllises and Kevins sprouting up all over the place. I'm sure Dwight has some acreage we could use.

I wonder if Michael's book title would fit entirely on the spine of the book. Hey, I'm a librarian. I think about these things!

Yes, Michael. Toby is a traitor. Everything is Toby's fault.

You can tell that Creed is formulating his plan even as Michael is telling them about the branch closing.

“Oh, grow up!” Kevin's being perceptive again!

Darryl!!! Have we seen Darryl yet this year?? Yay Darryl!

“Like when you said the branch was closing?” They should have kept that line in the original episode.

I bet Dwight hears “Chariots of Fire” playing in his mind as they head toward the car to go to New York.

“Say what you will about Michael Scott, but he would never do that.” Such a great moment.

I bet Dwight fills his days with thinking about corporate models and paradigms.

I love Kelly's company directory/yearbook signing. I'm surprised she didn't make Pam write “BFF” next to hear name.

This scene between Pam and Roy about art school is such a great little scene, and it breaks my heart a little bit, too.

How could the CFO not know that you should shred any document that has your name on it in order to help prevent identity theft? Tsk tsk!

Four hundred dollars for a computer CPU? Man, it must be made of gold!

OhmygodKevinandAngelahugged! Burn that into your memories, folks! You're never seeing that again!

Coming back to Scranton.

Doesn't the CFO's neighborhood have a neighborhood watch program? Hasn't anyone been suspicious of the fact that two men have been hanging around outside this house all day?

Wait. Did I hear that correctly? Andy was a teacher? Or is he just having dreams of returning to his alma mater to teach?

“I don't know. Can't explain it.” Okay, that was creepy.

Jim telling Karen she should go to New York mirrors the scene in “Halloween” when Pam told Jim he should go for that job in Maryland, except that Karen isn't into Jim as much at this point as Jim was into Pam.

Rainn is so good in the car scene; my heart melted when he said “hospital”.

How does Phyllis know that Jim is coming back to Scranton? Spill it, Phyllis!!

I wonder how much time Roy spent in the office that day instead of in the warehouse.

Again, nice acting from Rainn in the last scene.

“Costa Rica will still be there. When I'm sixty-five.” And that sums up how a lot of people feel about their jobs.

[insert squeals of joy for next week's episode here]

The promo for next week is now on YouTube

Friday, November 10, 2006

Confirmation: "Branch Closing" on iTunes is Producer's Cut

It comes in at 30:22, instead of the usual 20ish minutes. Purchase away, Melody!

Actually, John, that sounded VERY good

Okay, for those of you who weren't able to record John's singing on "Ellen," um...I hope to GOD that it comes out on YouTube soon. I wow.

My mom had gotten home just as I watched it, and she was amazed. And she's usually the one rolling her eyes at my shennanigans. Her words? "God should make more men who are that cute!"

Wow, John. Wow. WOW.


Unfortunately, the quality isn't amazing, so you can't see all of the full facial expressions he's making...but it's pretty good. And it gets kind of cut off, but at the end, he says, "I'm sorry, it's too much."

3x07: Great review from Entertainment Weekly


''Branch Closing'' sums up why we love ''The Office'': The prospect of losing their jobs brings out the best at Dunder Mifflin, with Michael and Dwight hitting the road, and Jim uncorking the night's two best lines -- and thinking about a reunion with Pam

Eagerly anticipating "Ellen"

Okay, so I haven't seen it yet, but based on my sources (which would be...the TWOP hussies), John IS on the show today, and he DOES sing. It's apparently at about the midway point of the show, and only around 35 seconds long, but the song that he sings brings joy to my heart, as it is a song that I love to mock more than I love cake. (Not chocolate cake, though.) He sings that hero song (not "Holding Out For A Hero," although that would have arguably been even more amazing). I can be your hero, baaaabay! I can kiss away your paaaain!

Like I don't know that already, John Krasinski. As if I didn't develop a huge crush on a guy (while I still had a boyfriend) solely because he looked similarly to you.

I hope everyone has their recording devices set!

Also, if you want to see Jenna Fischer on Letterman, you can see that here. Jenna, any time you want to be my new best friend, that'd be fine. Her story about Barbie Party Massacre had me crying with laughter.

Also, I've heard that the iTunes version of "Branch Closing" is the producer's cut. Sarah, would you be able to confirm this for me? If it is, I'm totally buying it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Promo for 3.08

If anyone else's VCR/recording technology of choice didn't get the promo for next week's episode that was shown after tonight's episode, someone's already posted it to the Office LJ Community. Yes, I watched it. I'm very weak, what can I tell you?


Two tidbits on a Thursday morning

1. Man, if only I lived in NYC, I could go be an unpaid intern under the direction of one Mr. John Krasinski:

"*Interns - We are a film production company looking for Interns in all departments to be a part of our upcoming feature film “BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEOUS MEN” to be directed by John Krasinski. This will be a great opportunity for anyone looking to gain
experience in film production. All interns must have a valid driver’s license and be able to work from our Manhattan production office starting ASAP. This position is non-paid. Please email resume to:"

I can see the interview now. "So, why do you want to work in film?" "Well, my boyfriend works in film, you know, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to learn more about it... and also him..."

2. WTF. Gene Stupnitsky. How damn long have you had a myspace and not told the world about it? (He's only got 51 friends, and I have this feeling like I'm not supposed to friend him. Hmmm.)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

23 Minutes Until Thursday!

Fifth Diwali deleted scene is up!

As is Kate Flannery's TV Guide blog!!!!

I love Thursdays!

Soooo good

John Krasinski, WHO ARE YOU?

New photos from the November/December issue of Mean Magazine.

I'm hoping somebody posts the accompanying interview soon. Or maybe I'm hoping they don't, because maybe I'm crazy enough as it is.

ETA: Here's the interview that goes along with it. He stop this... please.....

New interview with my Mr. Man among men

From MTV News about License to Wed

And also, some other person. Mandy Moore, Schmandy Schmore.

John is a delight, as always.

Episode 3x07 Preview up at

Yes, there are spoilers, but...

...some people like these.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Diwali" Deleted Scene #4

Kevin tries to bring Scrantonicity to a whole new set of fans


Okay guys, the word on the street is that John Krasinski is going to be on a special kareoke-edition of "Ellen" this Friday.


Monday, November 06, 2006

Diwali Deleted Scene #3

Ryan, it's time to get a restraining order!

Set your recording devices!

Melora Hardin will be on The Megan Mullally Show tomorrow (11/7).

Jenna Fischer is going to be on Letterman this Thursday (11/9).

Rainn Wilson will be on Real Time With Bill Maher this Friday (11/10).

3x09 Episode Description!!

As posted on the LJ community!

Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) tries to be supportive after learning that one of the new employees is an ex-convict, but gets upset when the staff starts to compare the office to prison. Meanwhile, Jim (John Krasinski) "coaches" Andy (guest star Ed Helms) when he decides to make a play for Pam (Jenna Fischer). Rainn Wilson, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, David Denman, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nuñez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein and Mindy Kaling also star. Rashida Jones, Wayne Wilderson, and Ursula Burton guest star. ]


Just saw this over at Office Tally!!!

This Thursday, NBC is going to offer a streaming "producer's cut" of the episode with deleted scenes included starting at 9pm this Thursday!

AWESOME!!!! Thank you, NBC!!!

ETA by Sarah: Office Tally says the episode will be on the site for a week.

Season 3: Monkey Watch

Okay, last night Kimberly, Sarah, and I noticed that there have been a whole lot of references to monkeys this season. What I'm trying to figure out now is...has there been a reference to monkeys in every episode?

1. Gay Witch Hunt: Michael's statement about how he bet straight men wished marriage was illegal so they could go have some wild monkey sex

2. The Convention: Dwigt's pet name for Angela is monkey

3. The Coup: "Business is like a jungle. And I am like a tiger. And Dwight is like a monkey, that stabs the tiger in the back with a stick. Does the tiger fire the monkey? Does the tiger transfer the monkey to another branch?"

4. Grief Counseling: ?

5. Initiation: ?

6. Diwali: Both Angela's statement that Indians eat monkey brains and Creed's appreciation of "The Union of the Monkey"

Does anyone remember monkey references in Grief Counseling or Initiation?

New blogs

There are new blogs from Jenna and from Brian, and I just wanted to let people know that Jenna's blog includes some spoilers for this week's episode. There were some things in it that I didn't know, although they weren't so specific that I really feel all that spoiled right now. Mostly, it just made me MORE excited for the episode!

Also, I don't know if any of you guys took part in the Army of Kevin party that went on on Angela's myspace, but I loved Brian's blog, too.

Both Brian and Jenna are saying that this is maybe the best episode of "The Office" ever, which...WOW. That's a pretty big statement to make! Does anyone know who's writing this episode? If it's a really big important episode, I'd assume Greg Daniels, but I don't know...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Branch Closing" Promo

The video promo for "Branch Closing" is up on YouTube; and yeah, I watched it! OHMYGODICAN'TWAITFORTHURSDAY!

[Thanks OfficeTally!]

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Bringing SexyBack to Scranton...

Because Melody had issues earlier today trying to share this amazing work of YouTube art:

Them other boys don't know how to act. YEAH!

Credit: ladama23.

Songs on the Office at Wikipedia

I didn't know this even existed: List of songs featured on The Office. This will help us remember!

Friday, November 03, 2006

"Diwali" Deleted Scene #2

Andy needs to learn how to think outside the box

In anticipation of the next two episodes

In the next two episodes I am expecting a lot of interesting things to happen, and several plot points that have only been hinted at to come to a head. Let's start a list, shall we? It should be said that I have no prior knowledge of spoilers for any future episodes besides episode titles and official NBC summaries.

If you think of others, add them in the comments.

  • Jim is now The Big Tuna AKA Assistant to the Regional Manager of the Stamford branch. Is there going to be a Halpert/Schrute cagematch at Dwight's dojo to determine who gets to keep the title when the branches merge? I at least expect to hear Dwight whine about how Jim is a slacker who doesn't deserve the level of responsibility.

  • Michael Scott or Josh The Poor Man's Michael Scott as Regional Manager? Josh seems much more sophistocated and successful, but Michael's been making some impressive new sales over the last couple of weeks. That seems to be his M.O., actually; goof off most of the time, but make a big splash when it counts.

  • In terms of downsizing, the Scranton branch has always seemed to be on the edge of a cliff with a blindfold on, while everything seems to be going so well at the Stamford branch. Why merge the two, instead of outright closing one of the branches? Inquiring minds want to know!
  • Something From Kate's Blog and November 30 Episode Title!

    Okay, even though I posted about Kate's blog being updated this morning, I didn't actually get to read the post until just now. Something surprised me:

    We have supersized an episode and are making it a two-parter!

    A TWO PARTER!!! Does that mean - what does that MEAN?! Like, we have to wait til December to see how The Merger shakes out? Unless, of course, they have a new episode on Thanksgiving; but they wouldn't do that, surely. Okay, I just checked Office Tally, and they have the airdate and episode title for the episode following The Merger. It will air November 30 and be called [The Convict]. Huh. My interest is piqued!

    The Elf Office Alliance
    Kelli Finally Breaks Down and Blogs for "Diwali", and It's Really Long.

    - Ryan really does look nice in that thing. I like the gray. And I agree with Pam about the material. It’s gorgeous. /geeky costumer mode

    - I love how Kevin’s voice goes up two octaves when he’s making fun of Roy. It makes me giggle.

    - He doesn’t want them embarrassing him?

    - I love that her description is pretty much exactly the same as Michael said it would be.

    - “Blue busty gal”- Angela said busty? She’s getting rebellious.

    - Dwight-“Pam wishes.” What, is he checking her out now too? This is getting creepy.

    -ZOMG! Sweaty!Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -Smartass! Karen amuses me, even if I don’t want to like her.

    -I love the colour of Kelly’s blouse

    -Rather large guy asking about chips=Stamford not as creepy version of Kevin?

    -Andy is an ass, but he’s funny.

    -LOL Phyllis looks so disappointed. I wonder what she and Bob do in their free time. I love that it took Toby that long to realize that it probably wasn’t a good idea to be looking at the Kama Sutra stuff.

    -EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW Josh in bikc shorts.

    -Andy is like the frat boy that never grew up.

    -Phyllis is the ultimate optimist.

    -Poor, confused Indian boy. Angela doesn’t mean it, I promise.

    -That little old lady at the table with Michael and Carol is adorable.

    -Kelly looks gorgeous in her sari. She was right about it being really cool.

    -Pam is getting a little snarkier each episode, I think.

    -Why is Andy using an accent when he counts down to the shot?

    -Roy is hot now. There’s no getting around it. Pam is adorable, even if she can’t dance. Carol is such a good sport.

    -Mindy’s parents actually did a really nice job with the acting.

    -Now Andy is counting it off like he’s a drill sergeant. He’s a nutcase.

    -Michael grabbing the mike is never a good sign. I’m shaking my head now in agony over what I know is going to happen next. I can’t look away. I can’t. Gringo? I love that when he says “crazy in love”, Carol’s face gets this look of ‘oh dear’. Michael makes the proposal all about him, of course.

    -I want to see that new Will Farrell/Emma Thompson movie. It looks amusing to me. Political ads suck. I’ll be glad when we don’t have to suffer through them anymore.

    -“Buy an Xbox.” He looks like a little boy excited about a toy. Oh, wait. He is.


    -Jim is ARM. Does Dwigt know?

    -I love seeing just Andy’s feet. Karen is so exasparated with ‘the boys’. I think she’s been through this before.
    -Andy slays me. “Tuna! Are you kidding me!” The funniest line of the episode. I can’t stop giggling.

    -Somehow, Pam always ends up in the most awkward situations. Poor Pam. Awwwwww, she thinks Jim rejected her.

    -WTF is Michael doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to reject him, Pam. She looks so disgusted.

    -“If you sit in the back.” Snarky!Pam.

    -Drunk Jim is the best ever. He’s so serious. Does he think Andy will actually be able to drive?

    -I want an avatar of him falling off the bike. I love the little sound he makes when he falls into the bushes. “Oof.” The fact that he’s riding a bike with a basket on the front while drunk is highly amusing.

    -Okay, Karen rescuing Jim from riding and falling off that bike all the way home (You know he would have.) makes me like her more. I don’t want to like her, but she’s so nice to our Drunk!Jim that I have to like her for at least this episode. “Just don’t puke on anything.”

    -“You okay?” “Soooo good.” LMAO.

    -Pam will make a good mom. Just listen to how she handles Michael.

    -Hooray for the Diwali song.

    Final Thoughts:
    Nothing, nothing, nothing is better than Drunk! Jim. I would love to see giggly drunk Pam and serious, childish drunk Jim in the same room together. They would make a really funny pair.
    Michael is an ass, but he means well. He was funny as usual, but nothing incredibly remarkable from him. Dwigt wasn’t featured much, though I wish we had been able to see that lightsaber fight John the prop guy talked about in his blog. What’s up with him and Angela is what I’m wondering.
    Supporting cast was great as usual. Kelly had a great episode, and her parents are awesome. Ryan is just getting himself in deeper with every word. Does he realize what he’s going to himself?
    Roy is hot. There’s no getting around it. He’s not my type of guy, but he is hot. I will give him that. It’s nice that they’re giving him more of a chance to show that he’s not just that lunkish ass that he was for the first two seasons. He does have a sweet side. I don’t want him together with Pam for good, but I like him more now. Well, I hate him less. Let’s just leave it at that.
    All in all, it was a good episode. I’m hoping that next week we get some reply from Jim about the text Pam sent, and if we get to see more of Sweaty and/or Drunk Jim, I won’t complain.

    Fanfiction Heaven

    It would be a crime if I were to wait to post this.

    The Life and Times of a Temporary Employee, a Office/Arrested Development crossover fic.

    I'm afraid you'll only really be able to appreciate the brilliance if you have watched Arrested Development, but believe me: there is so much amazing brilliance here I don't know what to do with myself.

    I now desperately want Gob to be on "The Office."

    Kate has updated her TV Guide Blog. Melody, can you do me the honor of updating the list of links on the right side to include her TV Guide blog? Thanks! :) You know how the template hates me.

    Deleted Scene #1 for "Diwali"

    More Sassy Pam!

    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    UPDATED: Sarah's blog for “Diwali”

    Michael's impression of Kelly – so cruel, yet – so true!

    Wow, Kevin has caught on that Roy is still angsting after Pam. How...unusually perceptive of him.

    Nutritional monkey brains.

    Spoiler alert! In case anyone doesn't know how “The Sixth Sense” ends, you might not want to watch this episode!

    Did Kelly's little sister call Ryan “Zach Braff”? YES! Yes she did!!!

    Oooh, are Dwight and Angela fighting? Maybe you shouldn't have denied your love, Dwigt!

    Pam looks so happy dancing! Poor Roy. Roy needs to do something nice for himself. And oh my god, Stanley's dancing!!!!!!!

    Aww, Michael. The proposal was so sweet. But it's for the wrong reasons, honey!

    Somebody has to tell me what Jim and Andy were singing, so I can add it to “The Office Soundtrack” listing.

    Karin's non-drinking was hilarious.


    Karin and Pam need to start a taxi service.

    Kimmers was right. Lots going on in this episode, yet – not really.


    ETA: So, I thought of more to say.

    This is how good this show is. Despite the fact that not much happened in this episode action/plot wise, I'm lying in bed 3 hours later thinking about these characters. I think about Michael and his loneliness. I think about how Jim just doesn't have that carefree smile that he had in Scranton. I think about how we didn't see much of Dwight at all in this episode. I think about how a fast 20 minute episode can leave me hoping, praying, wishing that the next week will go by just as fast so I can see the next episode. I want to shut myself in my room and watch the episode on my computer without interruptions, but I have to wait for the iTunes Music Store to make it available for download. And a 12-hour wait is too long. It's that good.

    November 2, Starring Mindy Kaling

    No spoilers!!!

    Here's the mp3 for a radio interview that Mindy Kaling did this morning. That girl sure is making the rounds today! She's so awesome.

    I love what she had to say about how most people like to think of themselves as being like Jim and Pam when they're in a couple, but in reality, most relationships are a little more like Kelly and Ryan.

    She talks about John a whole bunch in the middle too, hee heee! It absolutely cracked me up when she started talking about how regular people think they have a shot with him.

    Also, there's a new netscape video up, that's got a nice interview with Mindy, but then I stopped watching it because they were going to show stuff from the episode tonight.

    OOH! Jenna just updated her blog!

    Melody's on Jenna's MySpace page!

    Melody's picture is included in the slide show of people dressed up as Office characters dressed up for Halloween!

    More Mindy interviews

    Office Tally has posted links to a couple more interviews with Mindy - one from NPR and a couple from local radio shows in Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Obviously, I haven't listened to them, but I thought you might want to hear them.




    ETA: Okay, it's over. And also, apparently, John Krasinski's father and Mindy Kaling's mother work at the same hospital in Boston. HOW CRAZY!!

    Old, but great article

    An article from the Boston Globe about our two favorite boys from Newton.

    The article is almost a year old, but it's just great. It's all pretty much information we've heard before, but it's got quotes from John and B.J. talking about it all, so that makes it way more exciting.

    Zap2It Article About Mindy Kaling and Tonight's Episode

    WARNING: I was spoiled a little more than I wanted to be while reading this article. This - again - proves to me that I must not read or watch anything the day a program airs. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! But I do understand the need for some of you to watch it. Therefore I provide the linkage.

    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    My current favorite video

    I'm pretty sure it's been posted to the youtube group, but I swear, I CANNOT stop watching this video!


    I know it's partly because it's set to a song I am just loving, but gahhhh, SO GOOD! Everyone go watch this video!!

    (I love "THE OFFICE"!!!!)

    Fics Fix!

    Are we all ready for a new episode tomorrow night?! I KNOW I AM!!! (Even though I am now babysitting tomorrow night...BAHHHHH.)

    Anyway. I have quite the collection to offer you this week, including quite a few that absolutely blew me away.

    This is damn sad, but really good. It's Jim/Pam and Jim/Karen and not exactly a "happy" ending, but awesome and wonderfully written.

    Hung Up
    A conversation between Michael and Jan and why there is no Dundies this year. This piece has a fantastic Michael voice, just excellent.

    The Boyfriend
    Here's a fluffy little happy piece. Pam has a new boyfriend.

    Nobody In This House
    Totally awesome idea, here. Karen and Ryan, as it turns out, knew each other way before either one of them started at Dunder-Mifflin. This author is wonderful.

    The Surface
    A second phone conversation after the one in "Initiation."

    For Halloween This Year
    Comments from Dunder Mifflin employees for Halloween 2006.

    Michael has a new idea for a branch bonding experience, and Pam has ideas on how to get out of it.

    King for a Day
    Not complete, unfortunately, but this is (so far) a general ensemble piece with GREAT character voices all around. It's one of the ones that feels like an episode. The office celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

    Five Things Pam Should Have Said To Jim
    Things she should have said to Jim during their phone conversation.

    Five Reasons Michael's Glad He Picked Carol
    Excellent, excellent. The author really makes this work with Michael's continued longing for Jan! Another one with a great Michael voice.

    I wasn't the only one who saw a double meaning with the episode title of "Initiation." Another look, a darker look, at what happened after the phone call.

    Five Steps Back
    Pam tries to take things back to where they were. And maybe beyond!

    She Knows
    Rated M. Pam knows a lot of things. This is nice and kind of fluffy and yay.

    A Series of Firsts
    This hasn't been finished yet, but it's great and by an excellent author. Pam and Jim have a whole new set of firsts that take them in, well, a good direction.

    Fancy New Beesley
    Also not finished yet. Fancy New Beesley makes some Fancy New Moves. Pam takes charge! Hurray!

    just another love song by the cure
    Pam and Jim have another phone conversation. The voices are spot on.
    we'll all have a love affair with punctuation
    Sequel to "just another love song by the cure"! I was thrilled to death that the author wrote this. And yet, I still want more. GOOD STUFF!

    OH MY GOODNESS SO AMAZING. This was just posted today, and WOW. EXCELLENT. WONDERFUL. It's a nice long one-shot, rated MA. A series of phone conversations and then...well, yeah. SO GOOD. I had to read it twice before I was capable of coherent hought.

    Who's ready to celebrate Diwali tonight?!


    TV Guide has posted a preview of this week’s episode, Diwali, and it is hysterical.

    Watch the Diwali preview here.

    SPOILER WARNING! If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t watch. Comments (at may contain spoilers as well.

    It IS histerical! OhmygoshIcan'twaitfortomorrownight!!!!