Tuesday, October 31, 2006

How much do I love, love, love the people of "The Office"?

An article on that little Jim and Pam uncensored video we saw a few weeks ago, and why it's not up on YouTube anymore.

Man, if only my computer could handle making a music video. I want to make my most excellent and perfect Dwight and Ryan video!

From Office Tally:

How iTunes Saved The Office

There is something very interesting in an article about The Office’s popularity at the iTunes Store, as reported by Newsday’s Verne Gay...


New blog from Jenna!!!

Can be seen here!!!

As if her talk about Target weren't cool enough (why does it make me so happy when she talks about how much she likes Target? is that weird?), there's something even more exciting further down (that's what she said). Scroll down to around comment number 36 or so...where Jenna officially calls my Jim!face picture cute! Yes, you can rest assured that I kind of fell off my chair in shock.

Aren't we lucky that our favorite TV show has the best cast EVER?!

Now, all of you go post YOUR Jim!face pictures! GO!

Monday, October 30, 2006

It was only a matter of time

It took almost two weeks, but someone finally made a tribute to the Jim!face, set to "Lovefool"! [Thanks to the Scranton Times LJ Community]

Maybe one of the best pictures ever.

John Krasinski and Will Arnett dancing at Michael Schur's wedding (I believe, October 2005).

ETA: I realized I was remiss in crediting my source. That's from "freelancer" over at TWOP's "John Krasinski: We'd Climb Him Like A Tree" thread.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Refresher Course: This Week's Episode is "Diwali"

This week's episode is called "Diwali", and this is the official summary from NBC: [Michael encourages the entire Scranton branch to support Kelly and attend a local celebration of Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. As Ryan nervously faces Kelly’s family at the event, Michael, new girlfriend Carol, and the staff sample a range of Indian culture and cuisine. Meanwhile, Andy convinces Jim to turn a late night of work into a drinking game.]

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Air Time for November 16 "Supersize" Episode

Office Tally has an air time listed for the November 16 episode ["The Merger"] - 8:36PM-9:20PM. Set your technology accordingly!

Access Hollywood Visits "The Office"

OfficeTally has mentioned that Access Hollywood has visited the set. The post also mentions that there might be spoilers for future episodes in the video, so I haven't watched it. But I thought you guys might want to watch it, and then tell me if it's there's anything that would ruin the fun for me. 'kay? Great.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Angela Kinsey on The Megan Mullally Show!

Can be seen here at YouTube.



Northern Attack has pointed out that there is a new site out there dedicated to Office Fan vids! TheOfficeVids.com.

The Official NBC Description for the Super-Sized November 16 Episode!!

I can't wait!!!!

MERGER -- The Scranton branch and the Stamford branch of Dunder-Mifflin are merged, bringing old friends Jim and Pam back together after months apart. Michael and Dwight and the other employees deal with the changes. Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, B.J. Novak, Melora Hardin, Leslie David Baker, Brian Baumgartner, Kate Flannery, Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nuñez, Phyllis Smith, Paul Lieberstein and Mindy Kaling also star. Ed Helms ("The Daily Show"), Rashida Jones ("Wanted"), Ursula Burton ("The West Wing"), Mike Bruner ("C.S.I") and Wayne Wilderson ("The Class") guest star.]

Article on Mindy Kaling and "Diwali"

(as seen on the LJ community).

A great article!!

Not too spoilery. If you don't know anything about the premise of the episode, then this will be new information for you, but if you know the basic idea of the episode, there aren't any surprises.

The Set of "The Office"!

TV Squad visits the set of "The Office"! Lots of great, detailed pictures, with information like where Toby went to college and what Michael appears to do in his free time!

Also, Angela was on The Megan Mullally Show today. I'm sorry I didn't post sooner, but I'm sure it'll be up on youtube soon. She was great! SO funny! She told a bunch of great stories, and you could totally hear her slipping into her southern accent, which always delights me to no end.

Office Trivia at Kate's TV Guide Blog

Kate Flannery posted a fun little trivia quiz (with answers!) at her TV Guide blog.

Promo for November 2 episode up

GMMR has posted a link to the promo for the November 2 episode, which is up at YouTube.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween Costumes for TV Addicts From GMMR

Check out the top two costumes.

So cute! And funny!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Seventh deleted scene from "The Initiation"

God, I love Pam!

[Thanks to Office Tally]

What is this?

I have no idea, it was posted to YouTube yesterday.

This appears to be some sort of ad for Microsoft: Live Search. I can't figure out if the brief snippet of scene that it shows was done specifically for this ad, is a deleted scene, or a scene from a future episode.

Whatever it is, it's not that spoilery. Just a bit of funniness between Andy and his Big Tuna!

Big News!!!!!

First of all...the episode shown on November 16...this would be the eighth episode...the episode known as The Merger is going to be a SUPERSIZED 40 MINUTE EPISODE!!!!!!!!!

::Melody throws a huge party and gives Office cupcakes to all::

The INTERESTING news is that NBC is changing their schedule around, and the week after that they're going to start a new Thursday night schedule. You can read the article here.

NOW, the schedule is going to be:

8pm - My Name is Earl
8:30pm - The Office
9pm - Scrubs
9:30pm - 30 Rock

WHY WHY WHY are they putting Scrubs (and 30 Rock, which I assume they wanted to do well, but they've effectively just killed) up against Gray's Anatomy? What am I going to DO?!

One More Reason For Me To Love Jenna Fischer

Okay, so I'm sitting here looking up a bunch of articles for my mom, which lends itself very well to listening to the cast of "The Office" be on Loveline at the same time.

How is it that I JUST NOW found out that Jenna Fischer majored in History, specifically U.S. History in college?!

This makes me so happy!

"The Office" Cast on Loveline

Okay, so I was dumb and I stayed up way too late last night to listen to Angela and Brian on Loveline last night, but it was absolutely hilarious. Brian kept teasing Angela and Angela kept getting embarrassed. Hilarious. I can't believe I've never listened to the cast on Loveline before.

However, you can listen to them all here! I'm listening to the Rainn Wilson and BJ Novak one right now and absolutely dying of laughter. Oh my goodness. This is hilarious.

Yeah, and just so we're clear, Loveline is definitely NOT something that is safe for work. In case you've never listened before, it is veeeeeery explicit.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Two Four more deleted scenes!

Here you will learn more about Dwight. And Andy.

A little too much more about each of them, I'm afraid...

Edited by Sarah to add link to all deleted scenes

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fine, John. Fine.

Keep doing this to me. That's fine. That's totally cool. I have no problem with you continually convincing me that the only man I'm going to be happy with is YOU and thus entirely unattainable because (1) you live in LA, (2) you are a celebrity, and (3) you are forty thousand times cooler than me. No problems there. Nope.

Jane Magazine asked John the "5 Questions We Always Ask." Here are the questions and his answers.

The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask: John Krasinski

1: When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter?
When my TiVo got possessed and I watched back-to-back marathons of Laguna Beach and The Hills. My question is, when are those kids ever going to catch a break? It's so rough. They gotta get out of there. They gotta get off the streets.

2: What word makes you cringe when you hear it?
I was a waiter for three years. I had nine different jobs and was fired from every one. So it's not a word, it's a phrase- lunch shift still makes me lose sleep.

3: If you were invisible for one day and could spy on a famous person, who would it be?
It would be fun to walk next to David Blaine and whisper in his ear, "I'm invisible, what can you do?"

4: What do you think happens when you die?

I think we all go to heaven and get that one present that we wanted our whole lives, which would be scary, because then heaven would smell like pony poo. Heaven is gonna reek.

5: Where's the craziest place you've ever had sex?
Other than space?



From Kevin/Brian's blog:

"I have some VERY good programming news to announce soon. You will be happy. But I cannot announce it yet. Someone else has to announce it first. Then i get to announce it second. Or at least I need to ask if I can announce it. So...I will get you the news as soon as someone else gets it to you first."

My guess is that "The Office" has been picked up for a fourth season. But who knows?!

HA! Netscape on the set of "The Office"

This is so cute.

So Sarah's post below reminded me of this... but I have an office story from this weekend. So this weekend Husband-elect and I (and some friends) were going out for dinner. I wanted Chili's, he wanted something not a chain. After looking for parking for an hour (the whole time I was chanting "awesome Blossom extra awesome") he finally gives up and we head to Chilli's YEA!!! When we ordered the awesome Blossom, but fiance and I said "extra awesome" (to which the waitress had no response.... boooo) I then proceeded to have second drink (and talk about the awesomeness of second drink) while waiting for drink #2 to arrive... It was a good time all around... All we needed was me falling of a chair and it would of been a night...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wonder if anyone had "Second Drink"

The Scranton Times-Tribune mentions on a community round-up page (about 2/3 the way down the page) that Brixx Grille and Tavern in Scranton is holding "Office" Thursdays, where every TV is tuned to NBC during the show.
More than 100 people were in the bar, most had a drink or two, and the place was loud. He wasn’t sure people would tune out each other when the show was tuned on the bar’s four televisions.

“When it came on, it was dead silence,” Mr. Kerzetski said. “It was amazing. You don’t see that in a bar.”

[Found at Office Tally]

I hope you like pink

I wanted a new banner to celebrate the connection made between Jim and Pam this week. And then I had to change the color of the template to match the banner, ya know? Enjoy!

A Deal's A Deal

Second deleted scene from "The Initiation"

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Coincidence? Yeah, probably.

So I'm reading a book called Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different by Gordon S. Wood (the American Revolutionary era is an interest of mine), and one of the chapters covers Benjamin Franklin. For those of you who don't know, Franklin was quite a Renaissance Man. He was a statesman, printer, inventor, and scientist. And according to Wood, "[h]e established at least eighteen paper mills at one time or another; in fact he may have been the largest paper dealer in the English-speaking world." And where did Franklin live? That's right. He lived in Pennsylvania. I wonder if one of those paper mills was in Scranton.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Blogger is being a real pain in the You-Know-What right now, so I won't be surprised if this post gets eaten.

Check out the new banner at PamPong.com, It always amazes me at the ability of some people to pump out awesome graphics in such a short amount of time.

You might also notice the name of Episode 7 is up on PamPong.com. I'll put it in spoiler font, since it's pretty spoilery:

["Branch Closing"]

I'm still flying high from last night's episode.

"On the wings of loooooooooove......."

It's harder for me to say I don't love you, Jim.

The phone conversation is up on YouTube. I just adore "Office" fans.

Also, I thought she was probably going to do this, and she did. Jenna put "Lovefool" as the song on her myspace. Listening to it made me absolutely crack up.

Also, new awesome blog from John the prop guy!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Love me, love me
Sarah's blog for "The Initiation"

It's going to be so hard for me not to spend this whole blog post talking about the WONDERFUL last five minutes of this episode, but I will try to restrain myself and start from the beginning. Ready? Let's roll.

I love how Dwight always has to state the type of sentence he's about to say. "Question." "Brain teaser." I wonder if, the first time he kissed Angela, he told her he was going to do it before he did it.

Man, Rainn's head looks tiny in that suit.

I'm surprised Jan didn't clock Michael right then and there. Poor Pam had to endure the fall out.

Ooh, Ryan's look! Don't push Ryan, Dwigt. That part reminds me so much of "Do you think, or do you know?" "I think."

There are now two things Ryan has to commit to or get out: Dunder Mifflin and Kelly.

An Army of Two: Dwight's Army of Champions

"That's it? That's what you came up with?"

The return of Big Tuna!

By the look on Jim's face, I think he's still a little afraid that Andy might do something drastic one day.

A lot of people are wearing blue in this episode: Ryan in the beginning, Pam, Andy, Jim, Karen.

I will refrain from making any further comment on the "seed planting" scene. Just....ew.

Bob Vance, Vance Refridgeration!

I love Ryan talking to himself as he heads toward the barn.

"Love me, love me, say that you love me" Well, if you say so!

Yay for Andy mouthing the words, then finishing the song in the interview!

Michael in the pretzel line - another example of how Pam is on Michael's side. She's trying to get him to do some actual work so he doesn't get fired.

Question. How many slackers does Dunder Mifflin have if they've come up with forms specifically for keeping track of tasks accomplished hour by hour?

I think Michael's eyes glazed over and he stopped listening after about the third pretzel topping choice. "Can I have them all?" - easy way not to make a decision.

Flash floods? On the second floor?

Oh my gosh! Angela's touching somebody! Burn this into your memories, folks! We'll probably never see that again!

"Loneliness. Maybe women." Amazing moment.

Wow, Ryan and Kelly agree on something!

Who else wonders if that's Dwight's grandfather's old coffin?

The Office: brought to you by Arby's. Two commercials in one commercial break. Yeesh.

Look! Kevin has a line!

Number of Cosby impressions: 2

Dwight's speaking awfully fast; I wonder if he got a pretzel with the works before he left.

Sarah's heart goes into her throat when Pam answers the phone. Oh. Just Jan.


And Sarah's heart really goes into her throat now. Let the good!torture commence.

"I was just going to go through the system because I didn't think you'd be there."

Why John Krasinski Deserves An Emmy Reason #2: his face after Pam says "it felt far." "Yeah."

"Because I got it at Blockbuster and they don't put the picture on the box!"

Love him, love him, say that you love him, Pam!


Number of hours until the next new episode: 343 hours

Happy Birthday, John. I hope your party's not lame.*

Happy birthday to the lovely and wonderful and terrifically funny and delightfully smart John Krasinski. You've done well for yourself, Mr. Man. Go have yourself a good birthday.

*I officially stole this from Sarah. Yay Sarah!

More fic!

I was planning on editing Melody's FICS FIX post to add my own, but that's so far down the page now, you guys might not have seen it. So, this gets it's own post.

Jim comes back to Scranton, and Todd Packer gets what's coming to him.

Anything by Colette
Melody has already posted her stories "Okay" and "Vignettes" in her post for this week, but I just wanted to give my own "two thumbs up" to this author. I think I spent most of Tuesday reading all of her stuff.

I think we all know enough about what's been previewed for tonight's episode not to ruin anybody's afternoon when I mention this, but just in case I'll put it in Spoiler Font between the brackets:

["All The Clovers" (oh, how I grin everytime I read that phrase!) - that awesome Office quote site - has posted the entire list of voicemails that Pam left for Jim during his sojourn to KellyLand in "The Carpet" here.

I love this scene. The best part of it is, of course, the look on Jim's face when he realizes who the voicemails are from, and that dazed and dreamy look he has on his face as he gets into his car.

*sniff* COME BACK, JIM!

Pics from November 2 Episode "Diwali"
GiveMeMyRemote.com's "Office Thursday" post linked to this site which shows pictures (and episode description in the comments) for the November 2 episode.

It's Thursday! I love Thursdays!

A couple of bits in the news...

A Q&A with the awesome Angela Kinsey at TV Guide! She's the best. Clearly.

Kate updated her TV Guide blog! Warning: She mentions the thing that can be seen in the promo for tonight's episode. Fun times with Emmy SWAG...plus lovely shoutouts to fansites! She mentions the TWOP boards and says they're "intense." She's right about that. Pages upon pages of chocolate pudding discussion in the fanfiction thread? To say nothing of the fact that the title of the John Krasinski thread is "John Krasinski: We'd Climb Him Like A Tree." Now people are freaking out a little bit about the fact that it appears that at least one Office person DOES look at those boards...but hey, what good is shame? As I said to Kimmy long long ago, shame is for the bored.

Neilsen ratings are now measuring delayed playback on DVRs and tivos. This resulted in a big ratings jump for shows like "The Office"! "And NBC's The Office had the biggest percentage of delayed viewers: The show's ratings spiked nearly 7% when viewing later Thursday night is counted, and more than 11% from viewing up to a week later."

Also, from the TWOP boards... BJ Novak did a radio interview today. I didn't hear it, but he was talking about the conference room scene in "Grief Counseling." Apparently, he did a different movie for each take, and one of them was The Sixth Sense: "My uncle in Philadelphia was a pyschiatrist who was treating a kid, and we thought he was getting better, but it turns out he was dead the whole time." Apparently, they couldn't use that one because both BJ and Steve broke!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fics Fix! Fics Fix! Fics Fix at lunch!

Yeah, yeah. It's been who knows how long since I've updated. But! That means I have lots to share with you now!

Right now, there's a challenge going on for "unconventional pairings," so you can expect a lot of that, I suppose. Some of them are really excellent!

Five Ways Jim and Pam Didn't Get Together
One of these in particular is such a good twist. This is a great author. Everything she writes is excellent.

Five Times Dwight and Angela Nearly Broke Up
This fic contains one of my most favorite, most perfectly in-character Dwight fanfiction lines of all time. A wonderful, awesome, totally creepy glimpse into the private lives of Dwigt and Angela.

Five Times Jim Drove Someone to Work
I love how perfect the interactions are between Jim and each character. Especially #5.

Surprise: Five Ways Jim Finds Out About Dwight and Angela
And this has as much Jim/Pam as Dwight and Angela, if not more so!

Find Yourself
WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL LOVE LOVE LOVE. Okay, maybe it's just that there hasn't been a wealth of really excellent Jim/Pam fanfiction lately, but I just absolutely adored this. It felt...really real to me. Jim and Pam finally see each other again. It's Christmas, and Jim is looking at travel guides.

Rated M. Jim and Pam apart, Jim and Karen together, Jim and Pam reconciling, Jim and Pam together. Not quite in that order, though. (But it has as happy ending.)

Some interaction between Kevin and Angela during "Michael's Birthday." I love the Kevin voice in this. It's just great. Short.

Not lying, possibly the most original "Office" fanfiction that's ever been written. A totally different concept here, and I LOVE it.

Death by Mayonnaise
Pam and Toby. This has got a perfectly awkward Toby voice.

Beer Cans to the Bumper
AU, and painfully so. Pam marries Roy. Jim goes to the wedding. This one just hurts. And yet it's so awesome. Written by one of my most favorite authors, unfold.

Michael has procrastinated just a tiny bit, and he needs Angela's help. I really love the side of Michael that we get to see at the end of this. It is so very, very Michael. Michael and Angela are just written perfectly and brilliantly.

Lest Ye Be Judged
Angela finds something out about Phyllis. Again, perfect characterizations. This is the same author as "Deductions."

Godspeed, Todd Packer. Godspeed!
Todd Packer crosses the line in a big way. In the ladies restroom. And Toby has to deal with it. Absurd and very funny.

Hot and Cold
It's Pam 2.0. Kind of. Pretty much just a Pam-thinking piece.

National Boss Day
An impromptu meeting between Pam and Bob Vance.

Separate's Always Better
Dwight really, really wants to tell Michael about Angela. This is not a good plan, Dwight.

This was inspired by Jenna Fischer's comments about how she thinks Pam is changing her life. Pam's making some changes. Or, trying to.

Making His Eyes Light Up
Pam was the only one who realized why Michael felt the way he did about Ed Truck's death, and Pam is a sweetheart. So. Why do I love this sort of fanfiction between Pam and Michael the way that I do? I don't know, but I just love it.

Rated M. Five little stories about Pam and Jim. Together. Happy. Plus, chocolate pudding!

Oh, to be sitting in seat 18-B...

Here's the YouTube link for John on Ellen today.

Two More Articles!

A great one about the reaction of the city of Scranton to "The Office." Man, that'd be so cool. Do you know how much I'd freak out if my favorite television show were set in Louisville? SO MUCH!

Jenna's interview from InStyle. How much do I want to be Jenna Fischer's friend? SO MUCH!

Refresher Course: This Week's Episode is "The Initiation"

Summary of this week's episode (highlight to read between the brackets): [New full-time employee Ryan anxiously accompanies Dwight on his first sales call, but is taken aback by the odd series of challenges Dunder Miffin’s top salesman puts him through along the way, including a sidetrip to the Schrute family beet farm. Back at the office, Michael is forced by corporate to keep a log of his day’s activities, and Pam tries to help him be productive. Meanwhile, Jim begins to settle into the Stamford branch.]

Welcome, Edward!

Please welcome Edward, Elf Extraordinaire, to The Elf Office Alliance!

Look, I gave him a six-foot extension cord so he can’t chase us.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jenna explains Pam's actions
Jenna has updated her MySpace blog to explain the whole timeline of events between Casino Night and Gay Witch Hunt, and why Pam and Jim haven't talked.

Stop it, John Krasinski

John Krasinski dressed in a suit in a hotel pool with The Shins. Yes. You read that right. John Krasinski...dressed in a suit...in a hotel swimming pool...with the band The Shins. It's apparently a photoshoot for a magazine that'll be coming out this winter.

ALSO! A one page interview with John from November's InStyle magazine! This brings to the forefront several things that John really should not do.
1. Say that he's known BJ Novak since they were both tiny. It makes some of us think of tiny babies. Tiny John Krasinski babies. Some of us really don't need those thoughts. Some of us are bad enough as it is.
2. Talk about chocolate pudding. Just...John...don't. Okay? Please? Because some of us love chocolate pudding. And some of us...well... some of us don't need the idea of John Krasinski and chocolate pudding in our heads at the same time. Please try and understand.
3. Talk about how he likes cartoons. It makes some of us think about sitting on a couch and watching cartoons with you late at night. And some of us need to go to bed earlier.
4. Be so hot. Some of us are about to lose OUR FREAKING MINDS, okay?!

Also, don't forget that John is going to be on Ellen tomorrow!! YAY I'M EXCITED!!!

Night of Too Many Stars with Steve and Oscar
Sunday night Steve and Oscar participated in The Night of Too Many Stars to help raise money for autism causes. Of course you can see it on YouTube - and it's hysterical!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

New promo for "The Initiation"

Grrrrrrrr. So, some idiot posted on the livejournal community with a spoiler that I didn't know about that was based on the NBC promo for this week's episode.

Since I was inadvertantly spoiled, I went ahead and watched the promo which can be seen here. It is just the official NBC promo, BUT it does definitely contain information that I had no idea about until now. So, if you're wary of spoilers, avoid that link and avoid the livejournal community for the moment.

But for those of you who have seen it, [ AHHHHHHH!!! OMG!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT WILL COME OF THIS?!?!?!?!?! ]

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Today in the mail, I recieved a lovely, lovely manilla envelope containing a letter from Kimmers that made me very, very happy. Actually, the stuff other than the letter is what made me really happy.

Angela, thank you for being so generous and sending her five copies of the order forms, and Kimmers, thank you for being so sweet and sending them to us! YAY! (Now I just have to figure out what to do with them...)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Two More Tidbits

First of all, Jenna did a Hot List for Rolling Stone. You can see it here. She is so freaking funny. And has everyone else noticed that she made "On the Wings of Love" her song on her myspace page? HILARIOUS.

ALSO! We have an episode title and description for the episode after "The Initiation"! That would be 3x06. It can be seen here at Office Tally.

Oooon the wings of LOOOOVE!

ETA: Here's the review of "Grief Counseling" from Entertainment Weekly!

Also, sadly, I probably will not post a fics fix until Sunday at the earliest. Tomorrow is the WEDDING of one of my best friends from high school. I'm a bridesmaid, which means it's an all day event for me!! (And I am so insanely excited.)

Let's hear it for Spunky Pam!
Sarah's Blog for "Grief Counseling"

I finally got to rewind and watch the episode again. Yay!

I bet the cold opening started out as Steve Carell goofing off, and they decided to use it. LOL

Sure, Michael, you can keep the troops entertained, but can you sing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" as well as The Divine Miss M?

Ahh. I could listen to the opening theme over and over and over. It's not annoying like the British version's theme.

"Let me see if I have his cell." Michael missed school the day they taught the kids about euphamisms.

I think this is the first time we've seen Kelly actually concerned about someone's feelings!

"Josh, did you hear what I said?" Okay, Dwight, Jr.

Dwight is fascinated with how Ed died.

Yes Dwight, martial arts will help you figure out how to get your head back onto your body after you've died.

"Did you check...your butt?"

#2 on the Top Ten Lines of the Season: "His capa was detated from his head!"

"If I can get them depressed, then I'll have done my job." Looks like you can cash in your 401(k), Michael.

I want to know who drives the bitchin' orange hatchback next to Pam's car in the parking lot. Smokin'!

Twin Shrutes: God save us all.

I didn't catch on to what Pam started with the grief stories until Ryan came up with his cousin Mufasa. Ryan caught on pretty quick, though. "Oh, it would proabably take me about an hour and a half to tell that whole story." *gigglesnort*

Kevin has no subtley.

I think Michael needs a brown paper bag to breathe into right about now.

"You can't get a disease from a bird!" Ever hear of Bird Flu, Michael?

Has Meredith ever wanted to keep working when offered a diversion?

I should keep a running [office] tally (ha!) of how many times Michael blames Toby for things. So far as I can remember we're at 2 [refresh my memory if there's anything I'm missing]: It's Toby's fault they can't send sexually harassing emails, and now he's caused a bird to fly into a window. Way to go, Toby.

According to timeanddate.com, Montreal is 305 miles north of Stamford. That's a long way to go for chips, Karen. You're just showing off your sexay (thanks, Kimmers!) French skillz for Jim.

Okay, picture this: Michael sells his condo and moves into Dwight's farmhouse. Considering what Dwight said they had to do everytime they wanted bacon, I bet Michael's risk of burning himself goes waaaaay down. That sounded funnier in my head.

Looks like Pam has a career of funeral planning to fall back on if things at Dunder Mifflin don't turn out.

The lighting on the Stamford set highlights Jim's 5 o'clock shadow a lot more than the lighting on the Scranton set did. It kind of bugs me. OH JIM I CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP WAHHHHHH (I'll be working that into my blogs as often as I can until JIM COMES BACK TO SCRANTON). Has Jim been wearing the same gray suit all season?

Ryan's fish story is cute.

"He's not a song bird." "An impression then."

Aww, Pam was again showing her affection for Michael. Like in "The Dundies" when she rooted for him to continue the awards ceremony, here she made him understand that he has support from other people.

I didn't realize until I read John the prop guy's blog about this episode that Pam was singing "On the Wings of Love". That amuses me greatly.

Toby and Creed were swaying while Pam was singing!!

"There's such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown." Ba da bum!

Did you catch Kelly giving Ryan a kiss on the cheek at the end?

Jenna Fischer is the coolest. Ever.

She's in this week's Entertainment Weekly. (That's a link to where it's posted at the LJ community.)

She's just so fantastic. I LOVED reading about her ideas of what Pam's life is like right now. Most of all, I loved her comment about the scenes between Karen and Jim.

Jenna Fischer, you are so cool.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

He destroys me

An mp3 of a radio interview that John Krasinski did a while ago.

When he does the Boston accent I just feel this deep-seated need to throw him my underwear. Also, his indignation when he's asked if he's ever had sex at work...that's adorable.

Let's conclude with two pictures.

Hey there, cutie.


Also, who loved tonight's episode? ME. More on that later. :) Also, a fics fix...soon? Maybe?

Two minutes into a twenty minute Squee Fest after tonight's episode:

[8:00:06 PM] Melody says: ZOMG
[8:00:15 PM] Melody says: I LOVE THIS SHOW!
[8:00:29 PM] kimberly (flipendo) says: Michael: Toby killed this bird and we're going to honor it.
[8:00:31 PM] Sarah (stampsgal) says: "There's such a thing as good grief. Just ask Charlie Brown"
[8:00:41 PM] Melody says: I LOVE PAM!!
[8:00:43 PM] kimberly (flipendo) says: Michael: His capa is detated from his head!
[8:00:51 PM] Sarah (stampsgal) says: YES!
[8:01:00 PM] Melody says: I loved loved loved Pam in this episode.
[8:01:03 PM] Sarah (stampsgal) says: And Pam is spunky!!!
[8:01:09 PM] kimberly (flipendo) says: Told ya!
[8:01:16 PM] Sarah (stampsgal) says: Yeah, you did!! :)
[8:01:39 PM] kimberly (flipendo) says: With cream and sugar? LOL
[8:01:49 PM] Sarah (stampsgal) says: hehehe
[8:01:59 PM] kimberly (flipendo) says: Dwight: I now have the strength of a grown man and a little baby.

I cannot wait to read your episode blogs!!!

TV Guide Updates

Both of these are totally worth the read. These ladies are awesome. Enjoy!!

Kate's (Meredith) TV Guide Blog update

TV Guide Interview with Melora Hardin (Jan)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Refresher Course: This week's episode is "Grief Counseling"

Kimmers has been offline most of the day, and needs some reminding of what to expect tomorrow. Here's the official NBC synopsis: [MICHAEL FREAKS OUT AT THE DEATH OF THE FORMER REGIONAL MANAGER AND FORCES THE STAFF THROUGH GRIEF COUNSELING -- After learning that the former regional manager has tragically died, Michael (Golden Globe winner Steve Carell) attempts to compel an appropriate show of grief from the Dunder Mifflin staff as he searches for the right way to honor a company man. Roy (David Denman) helps Pam (Jenna Fischer) duck out of the session. And in the Stamford office, Jim (John Krasinski) and Karen (guest star Rashida Jones, "Wanted") go on a hunt for snacks.]

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"I Don't Like Jelly"

Okay, this is actually pretty damn amusing. It's one fan's YouTube tribute to "The Office." It's bad...in that really good way! He does his own little episode--and he plays all the parts!

Part One

Part Two

Another cute video clip

Remember that crazy, funny interview with Rainn, Jenna, John, and BJ? Where John has his Jarhead hair and they talk and talk about the 18-22 year olds?

A new clip from that was released today. It's pretty short, but cute. It's here. Unfortunately, you can't skip ahead. It's the second interview, after the one with the woman talking about the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie. The interviewer guy "auditions" for a part on "The Office."

Promo for "Grief Counseling"


Gives away basically nothing that we didn't already know. Very quick! But, yay! I love "The Office"!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Season Two Deleted Scenes Revisited
A couple of weeks ago I watched all of the deleted scenes from the Season Two DVDs in one go, and was ecstatic to find a couple of Jim/Pam pranks on Dwight among them. In Office Olympics, Jim finds Dwight's wallet in the parking lot and enlists Pam to help figure out what to do with it. And in Conflict Resolution Dwight finds his desk has been mixed up in illegal activity of some sort. Did you guys catch those? If not - run to your nearest DVD player and watch!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Combining our two loves

Harry Potter/The Office ICONS!!

New banner!
I love Dwight's elf ears, but I thought I'd change it up a bit around here. Enjoy!

I have no words.

Not coherent ones, anyway.

New Cast Member?!?!?!


As seen at Office Tally, this Mr. Man is going to be joining the cast.

You know, I was just saying to myself the other day, "If there's one thing 'The Office' needs, it's definitely MORE CAST MEMBERS."

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sickbed Blogging: Episode 3x03 - The Coup

I know I keep "Varsity Blues" in a minature safe, as well. You can't be too careful with classics of the silver screen.

I love Dwight as an usher.

For some reason, the way Pam says, "Noooo," after she asks if anyone else wants popcorn is completely hilarious to me.

Okay, continuity point....right now when Jan walks in and looks around, the sweater on the back of Pam's chair is pink. Later in the episode, it's gray.

I LOVE Jan's shouting in the background when Angela walks by Dwight. "DO I NEED TO GET A BABYSITTER FOR YOU ALL? SOME FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL WHOSE JOB IT IS TO LIMIT..."

Ahhhh, another scene of Angela and Dwight not looking each other. You guys are so stealthy. No one will ever suspect if we don't make eye contact!

Peeved off.

This is just a beautiful talking head:
"Ever since Michael dumped Jan for Carol, she's been BITCHING OUT on him. Reject a woman and she will never let it go. One of the many defects of their kind. Also, weak arms."

I love how Angela wants Dwight to just be a MAN.

I very much enjoy how the name of the video game, "Call of Duty," is perfectly tied in with the themes of duty and loyalty we've got going on in this episode.

Every time Jim says "Pam" this season, my heart breaks. Pretendinitis.

I love how Pam is turning to Kelly now for a friend in the office.


Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch!! I love it. And Pam likes it, too. She needs a friend! She does! And hey, if being friends with Kelly helps Pam to start putting herself out there, then cool. Kelly is CERTAINLY good at putting herself out there.

Jim, sweetheart. Your confusion about the video game is so adorable.

I love how it's been like, "Oooh, big serious Stamford branch." It's not that they're not lunatics, they're just lunatics in violent, serious, psychopathic ways. There's a little bit of crazy everywhere.

Okay, Dwight's whole scene of whimpering and running and panicking in the parking lot was absolutely HILARIOUS to me. The first time I saw this, I just went, "heheheheheheheheheheheheheh" through the entire thing.

This parking lot looks different. Am I hallucinating?


"New blouse? Halter top? Camisole? Teddy?" All part of Dwight's job to know these things.

I think Dwight mst be an emotional eater.

That's some very artful syrup pouring.

Okay, something insane I noticed when I was watching this for the second time in a benadryl-induced haze: did anyone else see any similarities between Dwight's confronting Jan about running the branch and Jim's confession to Pam? Okay, this sounds way more crazy now that I'm not full of benadryl, BUT, what really made me notice was when Dwight said, "It's really what's best for the branch. And I could care less about my co-workers. So. Here we are. It's all on the table. I want the branch. And I await your decision." Both Jim and Dwight were doing something wrong. Dwight was betraying Michael, Jim was breaking rules about hitting on people who are engaged. But they both do it, because they feel that, in the end, it's an attempt to make things right. And they both lay it all out on the table, "go all in." Dwight could care less about his co-workers, Jim could care less about Roy. They know what they see as being the right thing, and they both make their move to get it. And they both get kind of screwed by it in the end.

Why does Dwight know so much about women's clothing? Angela doesn't strike me as the type to shop at Ann Taylor.

Michael to Jan: "You were at the dentist?"


Awwwwwwww, Roy! Roy keeps coming upstairs for soda like Jim kept going over for jellybeans. They both ultimately had other purposes in mind.

ZOMG I want to hate Karen. But the way she says, " \m/ CALL OF DUTY! \m/" is just awesome and hilarious.

Andy: "It's the new guy," with Jim standing RIGHT THERE. Andy so totally has no idea what Jim's real name is.

This scene has so many incredible Jim!faces.

"I'm going to kill you for real. This game is over. I'm really going to shoot you." HAAAA. I love Ed Helms, I will readily admit.

Ohhhh, the scene over the M&Ms. Beautiful.

Does Ryan have a single line in this episode? Hmmm.

I hate monkeys that stab tigers in the back with sticks. I do like monkeys, though.

For some reason, when Michael says, "We don't have the technology," it feels like a bad science fiction movie line or something.

Ooohhh, Michael, you trickster.

Rainn Wilson in these scenes is just amazing. The way he is able to look shocked and delighted and horrified and power-hungry all at the same time. "Power is power."

"I am Assistant Regional Manager."
"Assistant to the Regional Manager."

I can't believe how much I love Dictator!Dwight. As soon as Michael tells him that it's "you should do it," he transforms instantly. It's beautiful. And he's calling Michael "Mike." PERFECT.

I think Dwight should have given a speech here. "BLOOD ALONE MOVES THE WHEELS OF HISTORY!"

I love how Pam doesn't seem phased by the news.

"We can make a difference here."
"I...WILL make a difference here. ::opens soda can::"
"You alone? Because I thought together we..."
"Oh, please. Don't be naive. But you can be in charge of the women."
And her pleased little GRIN at that thought!! I love the whole Macbeth thing. Angela is just as power-hungry as Dwight!

I have to agree with Karen. Jim running into a corner is kind of adorable.

I am so amused that Karen's gaming name is "KarentheJimSlayer." Although...is this foreshadowing for something to come? "You killed Jim Halpert." DID SHE NOW? Karen's slowly killing Scranton!Jim and will remake him into Stamford!Jim for her own nefarious purposes...

BAHHH, don't LOOK at him that way, Karen!!


Okay, and there's Pam's GRAY sweater!! Not pink!! Come on, prop people.

Michael's going all out. Turning over the keys to his beloved car?

Heheheh, Dwight wants to get something German. Naturally.

Okay, it's over now. Dwight has crossed the line. And Michael's going to destroy Dwight.

Wow. The groveling. ON HIS KNEES. Angela looks so sympathetic at first...but her sympathy is mixed with horror.

Okay, why does Dwight shove his ass into the air when he's saying, "What can I do?" It's like he's offering his ass up to Michael.

"You can hug it out, bitch."

Wow. The way Dwight throws himself at Michael...

"They hug it out. And in doing so, they just let it go. And walk away. And they're done." As the camera shows Angela. And Angela walks away. DOES THIS SPELL THE END FOR DWANGELA? :( :( :(

Oh, God, the grenade and paper cilps. This is so cute. It seriously is adorable. And Karen gives Jim that same little wave that Pam gave Toby. That's...cute. And I find myself not hating Karen. Although, DO NOT GET ME WRONG. JIM BELONGS WITH PAM PERIOD. But I don't hate Karen. And you know what? I kind of...like not hating Karen.

Okay, and again, I saw some parallels, but I may have been hallucinting them. Michael says, "They hug it out. And in doing so, they just let it go. And walk away. And they're done." Okay, now apply those words to Jim and his confession and the kiss and then going to Stamford.

I LOVE DWIGHT STANDING IN SHAME WITH THE SIGN!! It's like when the heads of those killed would be displayed outside the gates of a city as a warning to others. I love it.

I also love how I see there as being two "coups" in this episode, as well. Yes, the obvious one is Dwight's attempt to take power away from Michael. But I see there as being a secondary one with Karen. Not only is she trying to take Jim away from Pam (although she may not realize that), she's also winning over the audience. She's killing Scranton!Jim and turning him into Stamford!Jim. I have read so many people's responses to this episode in which they've been like, "Yeah, you know...Jim and Karen? That could be okay!!" I mean, THAT is a serious coup, people. However, I am of course hoping in the long run, that she'll be unsuccessful, just as Dwight was. However, she doesn't have to have her head displayed on spikes outside the city gates like Dwight. Dude, she should date Ryan! There ya go.

This wasn't initially my most favorite episode, but I've got to say...after watching it a third time, I really like it more and more. It's a different kind of smart and clever than a lot of scripts. It's not Jim spraying Dwight in the face and Dwight saying, "YOU CAN'T FIRE ME! I DON'T WORK IN THIS VAN!" It's a play on Macbeth and it's all about duty and honor and loyalty and that most killer obligation of all, love, and how that screws up all of those other noble things--whether it's Jim's loyalty to Scranton, or Karen's lack of honor when she shoots Game!Jim in the face when he's backed into a corner or Dwight's love for Angela, Jim's love for Pam, Dwight's love for Michael, Jan's love for Michael, or Karen's fledgling affection for Jim. This episode wasn't as laugh out loud funny for me, but you can't beat how thickly layered these themes are. And you definitely can't beat allusions to Shakespeare (especially when they're to something other than Romeo and Juliet).

Good times. Thank you Toby (is Paul)!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Bigger pics from Episodes 4 & 5

Sparklies.org has hi-res versions of the pics from Episode 4 and Episode 5. ETA: [Looks like Dwight started the fire this time!]

Givin' y'all your props...


Check your email, ladies!!!! I'll send these out as soon as possible!!!

One way that Jim Halpert definitely does NOT equal John Krasinski.

Because surely, given this evidence right here, Jim really should have been a little better at that video game!!

The fans of "The Office" just rock SO MUCH. How do people FIND these things?

I need your phone numbers!

Have a recorded message from Dwight sent to any phone! You get five cool messages to choose from: Truancy, Big Order, TP, Werewolf, and Resume.

So, c'mon ladies! Your digits, please!

"You can be in charge of the women."

Another little something to look forward to:

John Krasinski will be on "Ellen" on Wednesday, October 18.


Okay, instead of it being "The Initiation" next week, and "Grief Counseling" the week after that, it's going to be "Grief Counseling" next week, and "The Initiation" the week after that.

As evidenced by this RATHER SPOILERY NBC press briefing.

And, uh...wow. I wish I hadn't read those episode descriptions. They make me feel kind of afraid.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kelli's Mini-blog for "The Coup."
Dwigt makes me giggle a lot. And I must say, I never pictured him as a drooler.

I spent at least a full minute yelling "Die! Die! Stab! Stab! Stab! Stab! at my screen and scaring my dad. I mean, she's cute and all, but NO!!!!!!

Oh, and I love the fact that for two seasons and the first two episodes of S3, Stamford seemed like this uptight, normal branch, where time wasting was frowned upon. Then this episode hits and reveals that they're all a bunch of nutcases. "The game is over! I'm going to actually kill you!!!" LOLZ.

Sarah blogs "The Coup"

Melody is my episode-blogging idol. I am Dwight to her Michael. I thought it would be fun to try. And now, on with the show...

In real life, if you popped that many bags of popcorn in the microwave, the first bag would be cold before the last bag was done popping. I'm just saying.

Look! Dwight got a new suit!

Did you notice that Dwight and Angela never face each other when they fight?

Angela, you weren't doing anything wrong. Why ya worried about getting fired, eh?

Was Dwight trying not to cry after Angela left the kitchen?!

Jim would rather mess with Dwight's head than kill people - even virtually - anyday.

How is playing "Call of Duty" not worse than watching 30 minutes of a movie every week? It looks like they play that game all the time. I think Jan needs to get out of Revenge City and into Stamford!

Is Kelly still in seventh grade, or what? "Fashion show at lunch!" What does she even DO at Dunder Mifflin?

Pam, honey, you don't need to justify buying new clothes! Be good to yourself!

Here's my new theory: Dwight is the head of his own investigative agency, called the Dwight Bureau of Investigations ("Dweeb" for short). He keeps files on everybody. That is the only reason I can come up with that he would know where Jan likes to shop, including such details as camisoles and earrings.

Michael is so mad at Dwight. He's like Toby-level mad at Dwight.

Michael's plan to expose Dwight's plan is quite...genius, actually. Guess his improv classes are finally paying off.

I can't wait to see how Angela punishes Dwight for his arrogance. "You can be in charge of the women."

C-R-E-E-D is one letter away from C-R-E-E-P.

I'm going to call Dwight "Snivellus" for a while.

"I have a laundry machine."

Even though Jim is trying to make a connection with someone at the new office, he's still not happy. There may be a smile on his face, but it doesn't reach his eyes. I WANT MY BABY BACK! And Karen, if you think he's charming now, you shoulda seen him 3 months ago.

Article on Stamford's presence on the show
The Stamford Advocate has an article about how Stamford has been featured so prominently in the show during the first part of the season, and how much research was done by the show's producers. I like hearing how the people involved in the shows and movies I love take the time to do things right. [at LJ Office Community]

Pictures From Upcoming Episodes
I was searching around on NBC Universal Media Village and found some (teeny tiny) pictures from upcoming episodes "The Initiation" and "Grief Counseling" (nothing for tonight's episode). See them here.

Happy Thursday!!!


I can't wait.

I just watched "The Fire," and...wow. That's one of those episodes that every time I watch it, I love it more and more. My new favorite part? The air of authority that Stanley assumes when Jim puts him in charge.

However, with every season 2 episode I watch now that we're into the third season, I can't help but think...Jim, come BACK. COME BACK!! JIM IS GONE! HE'S GONE! I CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP! JIM! Seriously. I'm sure if I went spoiler-diving, I could figure out when it is that Jim's coming back, (and in fact, I think I may already know) but what I really know for sure is that it's tooooo far away. Come back, Fat Halpert!

You know what's funny? For a solid two years of my life, I was head over heels in love with a guy named Jim. (This was not an affection that was ever really fully reciprocated. Hmmm...do we begin to see a pattern?) Anyway. It's funny to me now that when I say or type or hear the name "Jim," I totally think of Jim Halpert. That love-of-my-life-for-two-whole-years Jim doesn't even cross my mind!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More fan fiction recommendations - this time from SARAH!

Just a couple of neat ones I've read today.

The Bi-Weekly Scranton Update
An AU fic where Casino Night never happened, and Jim and Pam are still friends. She does call off the wedding, but Jim's in Australia. She sends him updates on what's going on in the office.

The Fates Are Laughing
A future fic where Jim and Pam's daughter is friends with Dwight and Angela's son. A fun little work in progress.

Official "Happy Birthday to Mr. Man John Krasinski" Post


John's birthday is October 20. He will be turning 27. (Three and a half years older than me! Seems like a good age difference! ...........ahem.)

So, the idea so far has been to send him our Jim!faces.

My thoughts so far were that the pictures of us making the Jim!faces could be nicely arranged on a nice sheet of paper with some sort of nice/sweet/funny/clever/seductive birthday message underneath. It'd be great if people had ideas, though, of how we could expand on this or if people have ideas about how it could be done differently.

I think we should aim for getting it in the mail on Friday, October 13. That's a week before his birthday. Yesterday, when I took the thing to the post office that I mailed to Brian Baumgartner, it said it would be delievered in approximately three days (and that was with the regular old cheap first class mail). Assuming it arrived on Tuesday, there would be three days for his official helper people to get it to him. It's very possible that it won't get to him before his birthday, but I think this is as good of an effort as can be expected!

So, if I'm going to put it together in photoshop (my skills are weak, but I think they'll do--we don't want fancy photoshoppingness to overwhelm the inherent awesomeness of our pictures), I'd say I need all the pictures and a final draft of the message by October 9.

Please tell me your thoughts, opinions, suggestions, criticisms, and constructive compliments!

Fics Fix!

I kept waiting on this, because I was hoping that more good fanfiction was going to wind up being posted. It seems like things have tapered off some. Still, I had a couple of fics that I had been keeping on reserve. So, 10 fics for your post this week! And after this, people better start writing their pants off!

In a Jam
Pam and Jim are stuck in traffic. Actual and metaphorical. Very cute.

An Ill-Pulled Tooth
AMAZING Jan and Michael story. Just perfect.

Rules of Engagement
Post-Gay Witch Hunt. Dwight wants Pam to do something, and Pam really doesn't want to. Except maybe she does.

Climbing Trees
Casino Night, Stamford, none of that happened. But here's another idea of how it could have. Fairly short. My favorite line: "The walls in that room don't look like mine..." I don't know why, but I just LOVE that line.

No Such Thing
Another sad!Jim fic. Seriously, this one is pretty heartbreaking. It's incredibly good, though. In that really depressing way. Post-Convention. I'm in love with the last line of this.

Without Kissing
Let's do something slightly less depressing, shall we? Pam has a date, Jim's back in Scranton for the weekend. Not necessarily a good combination.

So Close
This is totally pre-Casino Night and all that. It's storming and Jim's out in it.

Distance Learning
Rated M. This is this author's first fanfiction ever, which pretty much bowls me over, because there are people who have written buckets of fic and who don't come close to this. It's chaptered and a work in progress, and has been running along as the episodes air. It's one of those very satisfying and fulfilling reads, you know?

It's The Same?
Chaptered, post-Casino Night, written before season 3. A pretty nice capture of the tone of the show.

Bottle Green
This was actually written a while ago, and takes place way pre-Casino Night. It was for a "Confined Spaces" challenge. Pam and Jim go shopping.

There is no good or evil, only power and those too weak to seek it.

Our favorite cry baby has updated his blog!

Don't "F" With A Schrute

New Schrute Space.

Dwigt is sounding...terrifying, frankly. Man, am I looking forward to this week's episode!

October 19, 2006 Episode Summary

In case you guys haven't seen this posted at OfficeTally and LJ, this is the NBC official summary for the 10/19/06 episode "Grief Counseling":

[After learning that his old boss, the former regional manager, has died, Michael attempts to guide the Dunder Mifflin staff through their grief as he searches for the right way to honor a company man.]

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dreamy, Part Two

I love it when BJ Novak wears blue shirts. I am seriously such a big fan of that. He walked out after Jay Leno introduced him and my jaw literally dropped. And I seriously said out loud to no one but myself, "Whoaaaaa, BJ, you look hot."

He was also hysterical. I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

Here's the youtube link to Hottie McHotface's appearance last night.

I really like "The Office."

Awesome Shirts

From All the Clovers.

I love so many of them!! And they keep adding more in, too!

Yaaaaay, myspace.

BJ updated his blog for the first time in a couple of years.

And Jenna has some new pictures up. Nothing overly thrilling, but they're cute!


New interview with John and Jenna.

At the livejournal community.

John, I... I just... JOHN.


The ratings for "The Office" may have dropped after the season premiere, but here's an interesting thing: It's one of the most-recorded shows on Tivo.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Can someone put this down next to "Count Choculitis" as something I want covered in my healthcare plan?

I've been diagnosed with Officitis. (It's a good thing I am a true medical professional and can diagnose such a disorder in myself.)

Symptoms include thinking about the television show "The Office" a bit too much, being sent into a frenzy when discovering that one will not be able to watch "The Office" until hours after it airs, and finding oneself uninterested in watching television shows other than "The Office," even when they're shows that the subject truly enjoys.

Treatment includes multiple viewings of episodes of "The Office," fanfiction, attempts at recruiting others to watch the show, and spending excessive amounts of time on myspace.

There is, however, no known cure.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

50 Ways Assistant Regional Manager Dwight K. Schrute is Bringing Sexy Back

1. Sheriff's Deputy uniform (not a costume)
2. Putting the smackdown on horrible little latchkey children
3. Basketball star, even against people on the same team
4. Keeps an extra set of Birkenstocks in the car for special occasions
5. Never missed a day of work, even when he had walking pneumonia
6. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young guitar-playing mastery
7. Owns real estate
8. Fitness orb ab workout
9. Attractiveness in a tuxedo
10. Appreciation of family heirlooms
11. Fireworks he got from his uncle
12. Purple belt in karate
13. Has a hero in his heart
14. Paintball lessons with him are worth easily like two grand
15. Accomplished and rousing public speaker
16. Religious--prays to Thor himself
17. Looks striking in elf ear and hat ensemble
18. Stirring storyteller
19. Ability to perform hits by William Joel on his recorder
20. Rescues the entire office and is clearly a hero in the event of fire
21. Assistant Ship's Captain & Steerer of Boat
22. Sith Lord cosume
23. Superior genes
24. Middle name: Danger
25. Hosts an impressive gun show
26. Carries a purse
27. Extensive knowledge of the Prism DuroSport and Russian websites
28. Has a gay friend
29. Likes Harry Potter
30. Songwriter
31. Sticks to his guns
32. His grandparents left him a large number of armoires
33. Never smiles if he can help it
34. Loves Count Chocula
35. Incredibly hot skivvies
36. Has own bobblehead
37. Produces very thirsty babies
38. Chameleon-like ability to change his appearance through platinum blond hair
39. Able to read people during poker
40. Has a future so bright he has to wear shades
41. Knows how to trap a woman. How to snare it. And how to tame it.
42. Knows the value of loyalty, and goes wherever they value loyalty the most
43. In the wild, he is the lion.
44. Gives huggy hugs
45. Determined
46. Worker
47. Intense
48. Good Worker
49. Hard Worker
50. Terrific

COOL! License to Wed!

Okay, so it's the night of a thousand blog posts. (I'm waiting for the parents to get home and I'm bored, what can I say?)

I may be the last one to realize this, but License to Wed starring my main Mr. Man also has ANGELA in it, AND was directed by Ken Kwapis (Pilot, Diversity Day, Sexual Harrassment, The Fire, The Fight, Booze Cruise, and Casino Night--hot damn, Ken Kwapis!!!)!!!!! COOL!

TV Guide Blurb for 3x03: The Coup

From right here.

["An office power play ensues when ultraserious Angela, offended by Michael's various antics and his inefficient leadership, leans heavily on Dwight to make a push for Michael's job. Meanwhile, Pam puts on a lunchtime fashion show; and Jim's attempts to play a video game turn deadly---in a virtual sense."]

The Elf Office Alliance
Not to detract from Melody's woes, but I just had to say this:

I was in Office Depot yesterday, and I was suddenly filled with great loathing...and then I started making up a Mad Lib about how horrible it was.

Heartbreak, Tragedy, End of the World Apocalypse Complete With the Four Horsemen and the Firey Flames of Molten Burning Lava, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Global Warming, Meteor Crashes, Starvation, Locusts, Crying Babies, and Sad Puppies

I have to babysit on Thursday evening.


Jenna and Angela Dance the Night Away!

I know you all troll the sites, especially OfficeTally.com, as much as I do. Still, I had to post this picture of Jenna and Angela! How cute are they? This dress was the topic of much discussion on Jenna's MySpace blog. Should she buy it? Oh, but it's expensive. But she already bought shoes to match. Jenna is such a girl!!

PS I'm glad she bought the dress! It's soooo pretty and Jenna looked amazing in it, too.